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  1. we can only hope everything is doing fine for them behind the scenes! No matter what the gossips and hateful netizens say, there's nothing wrong as long as it comes public!
  2. I have so much respect for them! I have no idea how they manage to pursue their dreams receiving so much hate 24/7! They're really strong!
  3. I want to go there, it looks like a great place to be and have fun! Soyeon was also there judging from her IG, but were they together?
  4. Wow what is this for? an advert? a drama or movie? no matter what she looks soooo good omg!
  5. Ohmygod, what was that event, it looks like fun. It's a cruise if I'm not mistaken right?
  6. legs for days! you can tell right away that she's really pretty even without seeing her face
  7. She looks amazing on the first set of pics! lol at the randomness of the other pics
  8. the pics look like she was having a great time! good! the food looks good
  9. Is this her room or a hotel? cause it looks like a really great place!
  10. I love the shirts with the sweet messages! love Qri, love Soyeon!
  11. her body is to die for really! such a great figure, she must work really hard for it
  12. flowers on her hair, she looks really young and fresh on here! beautiful woman
  13. she looks great but i hated that haircut on her, it wasn't flattering on her face shape
  14. OMG these pics are amazing! she looks like a xxxxing goddess
  15. her instagram is the best, she makes me want to create an account
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