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  1. me, tearing up after all this time, these past 4 years, these 6 girls always make me so proud, even once I've ever thought to left them because of that bullying issue. but I think again of that, why I keep them on my heart and mind for so long if I can't against and believe them? nobody's perfect. T-Ara also. they're only human like us, who can sometimes made a mistake, put a wrong choice, love something wrong, or take a risk for a chance to get their better future life I keep do praying, wish the best and greatest for them. because, only them who can brought me to the sad and joy things. T-Ara, keep fighting! P.S: very nice interview Eunjung-onni
  2. TELKOMSEL macam SENDAL!!!!

  3. bg dian: dek, ade mama ndak? me: ndk ade. ngp bg? bg dian: ndak, rindu abg sm mama. me: eh? bg dian: kalo rindu sm adek nnti dimarah pula :)

  4. me too... :'( RT @luvkj0203: i need a food something a sweet~

  5. whoever made this video, thank you so much because you make me so desperate to have this photobook, succesfully!!! haaaa, I really want want want this photobook. can someone bought me one? because every month is my birthday. hehe ^^ I thought there's no hwayoung in the pb, but I wrong ^^
  6. I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/kEosS0bl 케이윌 (K.will) - 이러지마 제발 (Please don't...) Music Video HD

  7. I LOVE when jiyeon scream, "WHAT'S!!!" and he acting cute like that. omo~~~~ and what hyomin scared of? the dove? khukhu ~~~~ scared hyomin, and the leader, sso leader why so flawless and lovely there? I don't know but I like it if soyeon unnie has a long hair. SO female hehe...
  8. Trnyt bnrn lg gak enak badan. Cpt smbh aja y sa, biar bs b'aktifitas lg. Biar bs ngapa2in lg. Get well soon asa :)

  9. I really-really-really and so much really like every candid photos of T-Ara. since I knew that hyomin worked as photographer assistant for this trip I really want to see the result. and when you guys talking about hwayoung, will we all see hwa in this photobook???
  10. for me ^^ Happy belated birthday ^^

  11. Oh my god! there's no opening stage with little t-ara? it's only-just 35-second to performing. just to show the robot dance. huhft but, I can't wait to see "Sexy Love" comeback stage and also ^^
  12. Happy Birthday to Soeun unnie ^^ Korea Time ^^

  13. 5 minutes to go to catch my and soeun unnie's birthday ^^

  14. waking up with super-to-do-list!!!! FIGHTING!!!

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