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  1. Lol, they should not use Sapphire Edition, but Platinum Edition If you know what I mean. Diamond, Pearl, Platinum
  2. I have preordered one. Can't wait for it to be arrived at my house
  3. KKS choose 7th april because the members will still be the lucky 7
  4. Lol, if KKS want to make T-ARA better than SNSD (although for me T-ara is far better than SNSD), he should make it 10 members Btw, here is my opinion about the who will be replaced / out from T-ara (if the replacement really occur) I think the original 3 aka BIG 3 won't be replaced. Like the other said it will be probably themselves who will leave the group on their own due to their acting careers and KKS fears that. Soyeon probably won't be removed, because if Jiyeon is the "face" of T-ara, Soyeon is the "voice" of T-ara. But who knows, KKS said the concept and everything will totally new, so if he really gonna do it, he will need to remove Soyeon "trademarked" angelic voice from T-ara. Hwayoung probably won't be removed too , based on this statement "After three years as activities as a singer, pride and laziness is effected", Hwayoung just joined for around 1 years Lastly Boram & Qri. Since JTW album, their appearance is fading more & more ... This two is the most possible to be replaced. That's just my opinion and based from my point of view. Of course no one hope for any replacement. However, if that's really happen and Park Soyeon is the one who got removed , then I won't be a fans of the "new" T-ara anymore. I will just hear to their old songs and "follow" wherever Soyeon career go ~
  5. Hope it will get subbed too like their previous show in Japan
  6. Look at Tom & Jerry. Really like twins , even their pose & hand gestures are the same Love them
  7. Hope there'll be song like TTL (T-ara all time best song IMO)
  8. Jerry Boram looks sad in the second pict. Maybe because Tom Soyeon not sitting with her
  9. With Boram hairstyle like that, The Tom & Jerry couple really look like sisters now
  10. I read that even her family is "disowning" her and tell her to not coming home again she said only the agency is backing her up, along with T-ara members of course and her twin sister. Hope she will be OK. Hwayoung Fighting !
  11. thanks for sharing . would like to see it subbed
  12. No wonder, since Roly Poly is really their hugest comeback with the incredible concept. Hope RP stay longer and their next comeback will be a big hit too
  13. O M G They become too cool. There's no limit for this girls anymore. They look so elegant, mature & sexy at the same time , especially ... Soyeon of course Can't wait for their great comeback !
  14. Qri looks so beast. Soyeon ♥ look so manly. Boram already like a veteran special agent that followed by her "men" to go on top secret mission Really cool concept !!! I'm pretty sure this will be their Black Eyes concept. Btw, in the first picture , Hwayoung & Eunjung looks alike and both of them stand in the corners too.
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