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  1. mm i wonder how the dance looks like haha..and they will be coming back with SJ..hard opp
  2. hi i am dwight howard=)

  3. finally t-ara hard work have lead them into something.They finally became popula!
  4. may i know we need to sign up be4 we can say the name out right?can any one help me regisier?
  5. is that good or bad??i dont quite understand haha my english very bad
  6. they will just add right??lucky i just dont want they to change the people inside t-ara!
  7. hahah everyone change to kks picture

  8. dont tell me that KKS going to join the rookie group to t-ara??NO WAY PLS!!t-ara just train them dont let them join in t-ara!
  9. congratz to hyomin she can finally go oversea to film mv/things...hyomin fighting!!!dont know if hyo min will scare...
  10. good that they have roly poly 2 musical thats mean that they are popular now!
  11. wow 10h?thats was long haha hyomin really can go be a photographer because she got alot camera at home
  12. y keep raining...i want go out...

  13. i dont care if kim kwang soo have alot experience i just want 7-ARA CCM DONT CHANGE T-ARA AWAY
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