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  1. YEY!!!! ... I wish you have more ^^ ... JiYeon is cool with the short hair ... Manly Jiyeon
  2. WOW !!!! when the new yayaya will release ????? I can't wait for it
  3. Finally !!!! My T-ara's Album had arrived !!! So excited !! =D

  4. wow .... Hyomin as a pitcher .... I wonder if Ji Yeon was playing baseball too She'll be great in those outfit .... Go GO Hyomin !!! hahha
  5. Owwww ... those are photos in Repackage album .... I've already bought that ... but It hasn't arrived yet Thx 4 sharing though ... Make me know what kind of album i bought .... hahaha
  6. OW ..... so sad that T-ara can not release their album in my country I will come to Korea or Japan to meet you for sure ...... IT'S A MUST !!!!! Especially for Ji Yeon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KYaaaaaaaa hahahaha
  7. Those photos are SUPER HD DUDE !!!! THANKSS Ji Yeon's face is great with close up photoshoot ..... Does anyone know who was the photographer ? hahahaha *Changing wallpaper soon .... THANK YOU !!!!!!
  8. T-ara will be performing at MTV asia on Saturday 24th of September 2011 !!!

  9. mbak ... kenapa aku di kira spam?? yg mana yg spam???

  10. I'm not spammer T.T

  11. Can't wait for T-ara Roly Poly CD to be arrived ....

  12. Boram and Ji Yeon are GREAT !! They're nice couple .... hehehe Ji Yeon as Boram's unnie .... hahahaha
  13. Where is Ji yeon ??? The woman in the middle looks like Hong Soo Ah from Heroes ... LOL Does Ji-Yeon still unable to perform ?????
  14. Who is the lucky person ???? He is standing in the stage with T-ara .... I want to see them T.T I want to take photographs of T-ara by my self !!!! HUAAAAAA
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