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    eunjung's little teacup :3
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  1. hope it helps :) and if you want to know more do not hesitate to ask :D Happy Holidays :)

  2. I'm really sorry for the really late reply, I've been busy in school. >.> really sorry

    oh, to upload avatar, go to the edit my profile button(located on the upper portion of your profile name) then there are choices on the left side, choose change avatar, the same process is also applied when you want to upload/change your picture. you will need the image url of the pic you...

  3. Hi, Sorry to ask how do I upload Avatars & Signature....Thanks nice to know u here...As I am also new to this site.

  4. thanks :) where you from? :)

  5. eunjung shes so pretty <333333333333333333 hyomin looks really great with her white dress fighting!
  6. cool. X)) pretty in red. rofl. boram so cute >.> shes like a like a little barbie doll fighting!
  7. eunjung with her long hair XD really cute >.> and her little bangs..AHHHH! she's perfect fighting!
  8. ur dp is so nice.. hee

  9. wow cool XD both are very pretty. keke is that a monkey below jiyeon? bananas. rofl thanks for sharing! fighting!
  10. rofl. boram so cute >< I want to squeeze her cheeks so badly :3 thanks for sharing! fighting!
  11. eunjung so hot *____________________* waiting for the other pics! thanks for sharing! fighting!
  12. rofl. eunjung's fast replies again XD aww, hyomin </3 wae? take care thanks for sharing! fighting!
  13. wow! cool! keke so it'll be like a workshop, contest or something? sounds really cool. wish they'll do it too in my country. rofl fighting!
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