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  1. RT @b89530: 정말 오랜만에 뭉친 청춘불패 식구들!! 첫 솔로데뷔 축하한다구 케이크에 응원까지해줬다... 추억얘기로 가득했던 오늘또한 추억이되겠지..?? 행복하다. 다음엔 태우오빠 신영언니 현아두 같이보길~~♥ http://t.co/xp…

  2. i have to make a new gif for my sig. :(

  3. RT @CollegeHumor: #Gif of the Morning - Posing For a Picture with a Tiger http://t.co/wm5hpi6hE0 Smile for your sudden death.

  4. RT @Choice37: [G-DRAGON ‘COUP D’ETAT’ TRACKLIST] http://t.co/H284IKtUXi

  5. I really don't understand kpop albums... why do they gotta have mini albums and full albums and singles and all sorts of... ugh... confusing

  6. kkkkkkk... i bought treasure box~!!! yay~ i still haven't listened to the songs yet. so i will wait patiently... =)

  7. omgod!! SUNMI!!!! SPAZZ!!!! going back to my roots!! it's ok, you are still my number one, T-ara! #WonderfulQueen's

  8. i have internet!!!!! ;_; tears up

  9. Did Hyomin get tattoos!?!?!?! *0*

  10. Is t-aras new album out yet? I think I'm going to splurge on myself and order it. =) I think I deserve it!!!

  11. Catching up on kpop, 2ne1's falling in love is... Disappointing. =[

  12. How to feel better after something ruined ur entire plans for the day? I think I deserve a moscato... *-*b yes?

  13. RT @MyT_araForum: QBS MV will be releasing tomorrow on SPACE SHOWER TV PLUS "Korean Hits" at 17:30~18:00 JST. RT if you cant …

  14. Yay~! Happy birthday to me~ #ahnuday ! Get it? Ah-nu day! A new day! XD

  15. RT @taratamakaseru: Since #ForJiyeonday had been mark as spam so we will trend new hashtag #2013Jiyeonday at 21:00 KST today. We start at r…

  16. RT @T_araWonderland: Birthday only happen once a year. Really wish #ForJiyeonday can make it to Worldwide Trend Lists.

  17. RT @Hyomdot: 130601 음악중심 막방 미니팬미팅 직캠 http://t.co/EYz709GVDF

  18. Listening to rambo's solo album for the first time. I like it~ it's like japanesey meets 90s thing.

  19. RT @THEREALKNOTCH: Working on t-ara N4 / Lil Wayne remix today

  20. What did I miss!?! #t-araN4

  21. RT @Damuer: I thought you guys loved T-ara N4!!! Cuz I can't tell. Now follow @mattsocialaire and @SocialaireGroup @Damuer & @PopularENT ne…

  22. RT @n_athaniel: Omg Hyomin.. I love seeing new pics everyday of her HAHA

  23. RT @n_athaniel: T-ara Boram and D-Unit Wooram with their dad Jeon Yeongrok for drink CF! http://t.co/fZLd4ffVgE

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