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    Hyomin's heart~ <3
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    I like to sketch in my spare time... Lately all I've been doing is listening to music... I really really enjoy listening to music... *o*

    I also like to play minesweeper, sudoku, and tetris. I want to buy a rubik's cube.

    I'm asian american. ... i think that's all there is to say... right... besides...

    My current playlist: 04/24/2013
    A Bitter Day ft. G.N.A. and Junhyung(Beast) - Hyuna
    My Sea - Jiyeon
    It's Cold ft. Lee Hi - Epik High
    Tears ft. Eugene(The Seeya) - LeeSSang
    Be Warmed - Davichi
    Get It In - T Yoon Mi Rae
    Memories (Smiling Tears) - T Yoon Mi Rae
    Come Into Spring ft. Yuri - MC Sniper
    Better Than Yesterday - MC Sniper
    I'm Not Laughing ft. Ali - LeeSSang
    As Time Goes By - T Yoon Mi Rae
    Unfade - Bae Chi Gi
    Only One - Boa
    Eien - Boa
    Rose - Lee Hi
    Special ft. Jennie - Lee Hi

    Oh yesh, I also write... every now and then so check out some of my works in the fanfic library~ ^.~
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  1. RT @b89530: 정말 오랜만에 뭉친 청춘불패 식구들!! 첫 솔로데뷔 축하한다구 케이크에 응원까지해줬다... 추억얘기로 가득했던 오늘또한 추억이되겠지..?? 행복하다. 다음엔 태우오빠 신영언니 현아두 같이보길~~♥ http://t.co/xp…

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