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  1. Hoo,, bru lht gw nie ID... XD

    1. depidekker


      huwakakkkakkaka,si jenny.wa kira PM warning gara2x ngacau di SB.bikin wa deg2xan aja

  2. Happy B'day Tikaa.... Wish U all the best... ^__^

  3. Will be On Hiatus for a while... :)

  4. Sorry,, I want to ask for the part 3 is there just 337 photos??? Because there is something wrong when I extract it.. The photos number just from 1001 until 1337... I already download this part 2 times and when I extract it,, it's still the same... And thanks for the Share...
  5. I'm so happy today... lalalala ^___^

  6. Hi,, Elly.. I want to ask your permission about something.. Can you read my PM? Thanks Before.. :)

  7. Watch The Moon That Embraces The Sun now... :D

  8. JB is dissapointed me... :(

  9. Today is Monday... :D But, can't watch DH 2 today.. Must wait again tomorrow and wait for the sub.. :(

  10. Really Curious of Dream High 2 Ep 9... And must wait for Monday again.. T.T

  11. Tomorrow is Dream High 2 Ep 7 aired schedule... ^___^

  12. Wacthing Heroes 28 now... ^^

  13. Tika unnie,, can you give me the password of jiyeon photos??? Thanks b4... ^___^

  14. Congratulations to T-Ara !!!! ^___^

  15. Wwwooowww,, there is so much jiyeon photos here... I want it... Jiyeon is very cute... Love Jiyeonnie... Can you give me the password??? Thanks Before...
  16. Yayyy,,, I Really want to see it... It's rarely to see CCM didn't Postponed it.. :lol:
  17. Wacthing Heroes 27 now... ^^

  18. Get well soon Park Jiyeon....

  19. Congrats For T-Ara... Song of the year for Melon... Yaayyyy "Roly Poly" is the Best song ever... Hope "Lovey Dovey" can be like Roly Poly too...
  20. Wowww,, Almost all kill... I Like the song very much... The Next is " Lovey Dovey " T-Ara Is the Best...
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