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  1. I just dont think who write it is that important. They are as a group, if they want to write an apology letter anyone in the group can do that. It's not a big deal, why netizens have to dig up and make a mess from that.
  2. I just want to say. The one who will be affected is T-ara. Everybody is in Hwayoung's side now. I'm not saying that, this is her fault. I am trying to say that, KKS just did a stupidest thing. Really! He really destroys T-ara career. And now, Hwayoung will bring the image of the girl who is bullied forever. Since we don't even know the truth behind. I'm very disappointed right now! Fans even want EJ to leave WGM and "Five fingers". I cannot believe those things happen right after their anniversary. I don't know what to do now. Actually, Hwayoung is not my bias, but I'm tired with this company. How long will it take for T-ara to take back their fame.
  3. I love how the news always chooses 7-ARA pictures. I don't hate on new members, I just think it's not necessary to have them. They can be better to be in other new groups. Hope Areum and Dani can show their strength in the future. T-ara fighting!
  4. In another words, none of T-ara's members can sing. Did I translate it right, KKS? It's just because you don't give them any lines. See how Qri can sing in the special performance at the new year concert. Boram can definitely rap. How good Eunjung and Hyomin's singing abilities are. I love all the songs that Jiyeon sang in DH2. And now you say like none of them can't help Soyeon. I really hate you KKS. I will wait to see how your "wonderful" new system work.
  5. =))! It's kinda funny when I feel like this members system is like slave system in America colony long time ago. If you die they will replace you by another slave. That's ridiculous. Does he know that a girlgroup is like a family? So he wants them to fight each other like a freaking battle field to stay "alive" =)) So ridiculous. I can't take you anymore KKS. I'm disappointed. Just poor 2 new members! They will get a ton of anti fans! Read the comments for the news in other websites, 98% people disagree and 2 % don't really care and anti =)) Good luck with that KKS. With me T-ara is always 7.
  6. Because he fell so many times to make the new groups so now he decides to split his famous group. =)) That is ridiculous. I agree that some members aren't working as hard as the other, but they are still busy like hell. They get 30 minutes to sleep for now, and you want all of them to get no sleep like Jiyeon. Are you human being? You want the girls to work their butts off to earn money for you, and have no rest. You give them 1 week off and you tell them lazy. Seriously? I am curious that, did the girls know all of these stupid things yet? Because they are enjoying their vacation now, I hope they will know it and find some ways other than just do as he wants. I always hate you KKS. I am sorry to say that, all of your singers are so nice but you are just the worst CEO I have ever seen. Ble`!
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