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  1. OMG I was reading it normally till the second question, I totally LOL. It's so funny when they start to break away from the formal interview!! It's sad that there isn't any video about this, it would be AWESOME to see them tease each other. Anyway thanks for translating this! It's great!
  2. Can we do one too?? It will be really good if diadem can do one too! let's all support t-ara!! All the next project is to publish an article in the Korean newspaper saying we will always support t-ara!!
  3. Eunjung I root for you! Though there are other reports that says that it's CCM suing on behalf of Eunjung. Regardless, justice should be done!!!
  4. I'm always not an advocate of spreading hatred. Even though the news may be exaggerated, just reading it boils my blood. I've a bunch of profanities to give those Antis, including the journalists who wrote all the controversy articles. I shall channel my hatred towards those immature and irritating fools to a stronger love and support towards T-ARA, because I'm the better person. T-ARA HWAITING!!
  5. wahahah~~ they really looked cute!! don't worry! IU is joining u all soon too!!
  6. wah~~~ seriously, they need to have an official global fanclub!! and have these officially selling all over the world so WE CAN ALL HAVE IT!!!
  7. omg they are just toooo handsome!! how can they ALWAYS surprise us and make us love them more and MORE!! t-ara hwaiting!!
  8. higher def of the MV teaser.. the full MV is not out yet.. I totally squeaked when i saw them eat the pockey stick!! #>u<#
  9. this is just~~~ pardon for my lack of vocab, but she's simply GORGEOUS!!
  10. what's with the name!!! i wonder which is worse, hyomin's fans falling over soyeon's charms, or soyeon's fans becoming hyomin supporter.. lolx... it doesn't matter if they all support t-ara! hahahaha
  11. Qri is so cute with those glasses!! but seriously, I had suspected some look-a-like of Qri posing as her since she's like not smiling and it felt unlike her. lol
  12. omg~~~ they are sooo cute together!! even though i feel a tiny bad for jangwoo.. but can't ignore the fact that our beautiful eunjung is soooo friendly and cute with good looking guys! hahaha
  13. WAH!!! i wana own this van!! hahahaha.. i can see that hyomin wasn't there to sign on the van.. (her signature is missing).. must be busy with filming again.. anyways, t-ara hwaiting!!
  14. everyone is soooo pretty!! i'm so going to get one! wait, i've already placed my orders for one!! can't wait!!
  15. they just made me wana fly to korea to look at the coffee house! (ok, i ALWAYS have the urge to go korea because of them. sorry)
  16. that MIC is super big!! or is their face small? anyways, both of them looked pretty!! i suppose that was a thailand radio station...
  17. OMG~~ those girls are just gorgeous!! (ok i'm stating the OBVIOUS) i'm just super envious of those lucky japanese fans...
  18. where is this!! i might go to that mall and steal it.. even though i still need to think of how to get it back home without being stolen by others first.... i ENVY japanese!! TT-TT
  19. hyomin ah~~ how can you be NOT there~~ TT-TT anyways are they going to launch like Nongshim Ramen packaging with t-ara's pictures on it? XD
  20. ooooo~~ gorgeous!! i can't wait for the official photos to be out! was this the photoshoot that hyomin tweeted about? (the one she took a pic with boram)
  21. it's funny how they even need ambassadors for a custom.. (imagining an idol at the custom in my country...) but then again, shows t-ara gaining much love and popularity. just love them much in whatever they wear!!
  22. our girls are looking as pretty as ever!! love their new song! boram is sooo cute popping herself out of the "D". hahahaha.
  23. the song is just great!! i more hoped CCM realized that the girls can sing without much autotune..
  24. OMG!! they are sooo beautiful! they are going to make it big in JAPAN!! their agency are sooo supportive of them!
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