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  1. I'm always not an advocate of spreading hatred. Even though the news may be exaggerated, just reading it boils my blood. I've a bunch of profanities to give those Antis, including the journalists who wrote all the controversy articles. I shall channel my hatred towards those immature and irritating fools to a stronger love and support towards T-ARA, because I'm the better person. T-ARA HWAITING!!

  2. i love this song too!! but i've got a strong feeling that they will not perform this live on music shows a.k.a promote the song. different from it's predecessors, it's a song for a CF more than just a digital single. it's more similar to... erm... the SNSD intel song (which i forgot the song name). So SNSD only perform the song for stages hold by Intel (like during the intel press conference or something). sadly, Log In doesnt have a dance like the SNSD intel song, so the lesser likely it is to have a live performance.

    but then again, always good to cross our fingers and HOPE! :D

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