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  1. online shopping mall that specializes in electronics.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hi-Mart http://www.e-himart.co.kr/index.jsp
  2. that's my girls.. there's a reason why they don't use idols in the first place... i guess T-ara managed to break the conventional trend for idols!! t-ara hwaiting!! :DD hopefully they can manage well.
  3. wah... that's not cheap... definitely will save up for it... (looks at account balance... *sigh*) and i've oso noticed a t-ara shirt selling dere... but it's freaking SGD50++ ... pains to have no income when you wana show full support... TT-TT
  4. boram is soooo cute!! even though i don't understand the link between bakery/kitchen with JDX....
  5. her figure is JUST AMAZING!!! how can she actually look cute and sexy at the same time... hahahahaha. i guess it's just the charm of the t-ara girls..
  6. i think those not wearing the same clothes as t-ara are just contestants.. i wish to be the contestant.. hahaha.. i wonder where can i watch this..
  7. yay!! i totally love the hd images as my wallpapers!! thanks soooo much for sharing!! i'm having them rotating as my wallpapers now..
  8. i totally love T-ara~ and i can understand that they wana hop on to their popularity tide and quickly comeback with a new ablum (albeit it's a mini-album). I'm all too fine to hear and see more of them! but please don't strain them WAY TOO MUCH~~ hyomin still has to film and i really wonder how's she's gonna cope with filming and japanese promotions and NEW COMEBACK! she can't even attend the last few goodbye stages.. TT-TT i just hope CCM makes sure it's really a gooooood hit. coz in terms of popularity, wonder girls and SNSD wins in Korea, not comparing both groups in terms of strengths. for sure, I wish allllll the best to my t-ara girls!! please!! take care and win some trophies back!! t-ara hwaiting!!
  9. omg!! i can totally see t-ara being a big hit in JAPAN!!! t-ara hwaiting!! u always have your international fans supporting u!! XD
  10. if only there's english version!! TT-TT they don't open this outside korea.. i would play the game for them! it looked super cool!!
  11. I want all of them!! TT-TT do we only get ONE of them when we order one album! why are you being like this~~ *prays to get hyomin's pic*
  12. where's the rest!!! i wana see them all!! hwa's pose reminds me of hyomin's pose in breaking heart album (the one in all black)..
  13. they've just made a really nice noodle more appealing!! my wishful thinking of their CF being shown in my country.. If that happens I think i will stick to the TV everyday to spot them. hahahah
  14. Jiyeon is already back on schedule?? I hope she doesn't strain herself too much just to appear for schedules. >.< great picture qualities!
  15. jiyeon as disco diva??? eunjung as student?? this is really funny!! given their age and experiences (eunjung in club in WGM and Jiyeon's God of Study)... but still... they looked good in what ever concept!
  16. I THINK it's a clothing brand in Korea... Src: http://visitkorea.or.kr/enu/SI/SI_EN_3_1_1_1.jsp?cid=1006984 JDX targets customers in their thirties and forties, boasting both fashionable and functional golf wear. Aside from excellent functioality, it is a rising brand thanks to its sponsorship on behalf of golf tournaments, professional golfers and to frequent TV commercials. JDX at Munjeong-dong is directly run by the company and has more latest and markdown items than its other branch stores.
  17. i realize the Japan agency is treating T-ara's fans really well! there's more more t-ara merchandise and even (like FINALLY) an official fan group name in Japan. Seriously, why don't they have these in Korea. We fans are supporting T-ara all the way!! ok, checking my calendar schedule to book for Japan...
  18. weird.. this official 45 secs version is not even of better quality than the ripped version from TV... hmmmm
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