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  1. idk how to feel about this really. I don't like most of BB work so i wanted the MV to be creative , but i'll wait for the full MV to come out! i hope her solo will be good!!!! plz be good
  2. don't worry guys CCM is the best company when it comes to releasing albums! just look how many mini albums T-ara have and that just in 4 years.
  3. antisipating it hope it'll be sub i know jungii will do well !! hope Sso and Minie can attend this show too once they are effin funny
  4. Kim ki bum? Suju Kim kibum or another guy with the same name?
  5. i hope someone will sub her interview along side with soyeon's ! and the other members if there's one.
  6. Lol hyomin! I love her creativeness seriously what can this girl not do?
  7. Me too I read that comment. The girl who wrote it isn't a troll she stated that she has a younger sister and she lives in California. If she was lieing she wouldn't say that. Because sooner or later we will know dani's life.
  8. She has a strong vocal! T-ara vocal ranking for me: 1. Soyeon 2.Hyomin, eunjung and her ( it's hard to choose the second place between those three. Eunjung high notes are my fav, hyomin jazzy voice is LOVE! I actually consider her one of the top idol when it comes to musical.) 3. Jiyeon 4. Boram Qri is improving but still and hwa is a rapper! Now CCM better show us Dani talante ( if she has one I doubt it really since she was selected in the street !!!! in the street !!!! Idk from where KKS is thinking.
  9. So help here are they going to comeback with three albums? Or one Album and they'll promote three singles? Or one album day by day and it's repackage? Anyway I'll support them no matter what ! 20 minute of Awesomnes I can take that
  10. Hwa version was SO Funny LOL she's so cute! Jiyeon,Sso and boram do lovely and hyomin drawing a heart So sweet )
  11. hello MR. pedo !! okay i know i said i'll support her but WHAT!! i was hoping she'll be talented. she doesn't even want to be a singer from the start. she's not trained! how about all those trainees who work 24\7 for years and only 25% of them get the chance to debut . and this kid she to enter in a popular group like t-ara just like that without any effort and experiance???!!! WTH KKS !! t-ara's soyeon, hyomin, eunjung, jiyeon, boram and even Qri they were all trained for atleast 3+ years!! omg this is so stupid and unfair for T-ara.
  12. i'll give her a chance and i'll support her cus sooner or later she will be a part of T-ara. as long as the original 7-ara are there i don't give a xxxx even if CCM added 95967309 member!! Queen's should do the same. i know it's hard to accept her and i can feel you i was like this at the start but now after i think about it i'll give her a chance maybe she's talanted after all. even if you don't like her don't comment badly about her. it's not her fault and it will make it harder for her and for t-ara. so say something good or don't say anything
  13. CCM I only want to say " lier lier pants on fire" lol Let's be realistic here, it's CCM after keeping in update with their news they are the most attention seeking company ever! Most of the things they do is for publicity stunt! I don't know what believe anymore. No offence to the girl but she's freakin 12! What cosmatic is she going to advertise. Kids makeup? I really hope CCM will choose a proper image for her she look more cute rather than sexy. And I hope she's talanted so she would standout by her talent instead of being surrounded by a bunch of adults and standout as a kid.
  14. Me me me ^^ I would die if supernova and T-ara promoted my Fav song for all time!! Really I want TTL Japanese version. I deffenitly would be a hit. Btw I agree with you in everything you said me also I don't like any KARA Japanese releases where I like SNSD Japanese releases more than the Korean once. Anyway I really hope T-ara will promote something different like you said something other than cute or funky!
  15. She look like seungri nough said! IDC adding this girl is so wrong and stupid. She should be at school or Atleast she should find her another group. Lol the KKS you moron revealing one member at hyomin's BD and the next in Jiyeon's BD! Wow.considence much..'
  16. I love the coreography. I know it ain't right but I learned the first part of the Coreography yesterday I couldn't help it anyway can't wait to see T-ara singing and dancing to it!!!
  17. No matter what I'll always support them! Real QUEEN's should do that too. It's really unfair for 7-ara to just ditch them Ecause they added new member it's also unfair for the 2 new member. If you're going to blame anyone than it's the CEO!
  18. I agree with the first part but you do know it's not GKz fault if your blaming anyone than it should be CCM. As for hyomin we all know she's good at these stuff than why not let her show her talent . Obviously she's not trying to get attention she's just trying to help and don't forget that the company asked her to be involved in GKz stuff in the first place ( from production to styling) do I don't see what's the problem pluse CCM will take any advantage to promote them so hyomin name being invoved will get them much attention. So it's not Gangkiz fault nor hyomin it's CCM.
  19. i don't think it's for Lovey Dovey. i think they really went to club in Japan maybe. cus as we can see soyeon was wearing the same coat hyomin wore for the airport. it's the same with qri the white coat pluse you can see Qri red hair here back when they filmed Lovey Dovey Qri's hair was still blonde so i think this was recent unless if they were filming a short MV for LD or club version maybe !
  20. hyomin look so fine, soyeon look so cute with bangs, qri look like a cat lol beautiful one. THEY ALL LOOK GREAT!
  21. that's awesome. T-ara will do well in japan seriously who wouldn't love these girls. they got the whole package.
  22. @yokesim ikr. i miss talking to you :( school is taking all my time.

  23. can't wait. i anticipate anything T-ara is in! 28 faster pllllsss..
  24. i'm not a fan of long MV's but it's T-ara so i'm anticipating. for now all i care about is T-ara bringing an awesome song and albume just like "BREAKING HEART". and pls give them a song that fit their Vocal range so haters can shut up! btw it would be awesome if this 30 minuts include more than one song from the albume
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