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  1. disrespect t-ara, and you disrespect me

  2. whats wrong with ppl? i'm gonna be antis to other group, spotting minor issue, spread awful rumor, being a ****, spread another awful rumor, winning, and ruined that group like forever dammit, entertainment business doesn't work like this! shame on you SBS
  3. i like the way this one going, kks sucks and it always be, and in the end t-ara will left ccm and go indie.. Lol
  4. giving a fu** to all antis outhere

  5. GOD DAMMIT!! DAAAAAMMIITT!!! what the hell with KKS brain? he just screwd everything!
  6. KKS should be cool and just let em get this thing done by themselves, KKS just make it worse, fffffffuuuuuuuuuuu~!!
  7. screw this! i won't turn on my internet on next 2 days! netizen seems to overreacted, hope everything will be all right.. X/
  8. so, this all about money, well done CCM, still support T-ara, gud luck with this formation, even i got bad feeling bout this, darn, such a bad day for me
  9. lucky robber, poor eunjung.. X(( but.. darrn! poor eunjung.. X((( the one who steal that, must be a pro.. X(
  10. dafuq did i just read.. why become nine if seven already epic? =_= i think i'll stay with the 7 and ignoring the other 2..
  11. sorry for my rude behavior.. but.. DAFUQ?! my counter strike skill will works this time
  12. my papa x.. :P I'm here!! or I'll say, I'm home!!! tadaima!! :D

  13. debuted about 3 years ago t-ara really deserve this!! hope this will BIG!! even i surely can't go to that concert, at least my joy will last forever! XD
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