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  1. I will give my support to Hwayoung always

  2. T-ara should transfer to YG or SM entertainment. I have never heard of such situations as complicated as KKS in CCM. These kinds of things don't just erupt naturally in YG or SM.
  3. DAMN KKS DAMN CCM I'm even starting to doubt the t-ara members now. I know this is a bold statement against t-ara, but, there's just too much overwhelming evidence (like the T-JinYo indcident) too blame Hwayoung. If this kind of actions continues, I dont know how I can be a true QUEENS anymore.
  4. Kind of insulting, but if our premonitions are true, this may be the unfortunate message.
  5. From how we see it, this kind of situation is unprecedented. If the twitter conspiracy was a fraud or just to poke fun, why would CCM make a "special" announcement? Of course this is crazy, but it doesn't feel good. Hwayoung's retweets are strangely ambiguous. Remember when Boram blocked her twitter account because of stress? The feeling is worse than this. Nevertheless, as cliche as it may sound, we Queens/diadems must stay strong, hoping the best of Hwayoung and T-ara.
  6. totally new and originial concept--- luv it
  7. Let me be honest... I will always be a Queen (or diadem). However, i am thoroughly disappointed with KKS. I'm not really mad at the new member (although she is too young...14!?!?!) I'm mad at the fact that now we have 9 members. that is a bit too much. SNSD has 9 members, and i ridicule them for the fact of having too many members. t-ara shouldn't place themselves in this kind of situation either. (sigh) whatever. I'll still give my support.
  8. those two guys are blessed to be standing by eunjung
  9. AP EXAMS are giving me stress...

  10. The thing I'm worried is that T-ara will not be compared to SNSD, who has the same amount of members. They were ridiculed significantly for being that large of a group. I don't want T-ara just to receive sh*t from netizens for just adding and adding members. In the eyes of non-diadems, it seems that T-ara is just stacking more and more (even unnecessary) trainees. I really don't get how the CEO doesn't understand that just adding members will furthermore risk their reputation as a sufficient group. Please, Kwangsoo, use common sense. The eyes of the viewers is what will determine T-ara's reputations, not if they're lazy or not.
  11. Sigh... I wish T-ara would visit the US! Why did they cancel that concert?
  12. 3 words: CEO is crazy. 'nuff said. (But seriously, he must be nuts!)
  13. xxxx the CEO. 7 was enough, in fact perfect. In another article, the CEO cited his reason as T-ara being lazy. Lazy my ass. Now T-ara will become 9. Now they will be needlessly compared to SNSD. SNSD already received alot of criticisms just for being a large, 9 member group. Now T-ara will have to endure that same situation.
  14. Why does the first pic have the title "KARA" on the right hand side?
  15. To be honest, jiyeon looks much better without heavy makeup. She looks naturally beautiful without heavy makeup. If you notice the last one, it is photoshopped. The mouth doesnt look right. Jiyeon noona will stil be my favorite!
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