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  1. I think its about time they went back to shinsadong tigers songs it has always worked for them in the past and ive just always been fond of the songs shinsadong writes.. Either way im still very much looking forward to their comeback
  3. wow 5 years?? That is amazing, well done guys (founder, staff and members) and thank you for creating and maintaining such a fan site where each and every global Queen's can meet each other and just hang out while having only one goal in mind and that is supporting the girls through whatever, we may each disagree at some point about certain events regarding T-ara but ultimately we strive to support and stand by them through the bad and good times. Happy birthday Diadem, 5 years and still counting...
  4. Ok so i am like praying and hoping and wishing that this is real, because its been a while now since this news was out and there is still no lead on it. I have always wanted the woojung couple on a drama or movie together and i thought it was too far fetched but now that it could actually be happening is seriously surreal. I hope there would be some more news on this like the confirmed cast so i can stop wishing and just anticipate its release.
  5. ohhh excitements all around :-) ~ cant wait ~ shes gonna do well !
  6. Well I gotta say I'm really surprised with Jiyeon going solo, I mean i honestly thought that if anyone from T-ara was gonna go solo it was going to be Hyomin, Eunjung or Soyeon but i gotta say I am NOT disappointed, heck I CANT WAIT ~ I guess i just cant wait for Jiyeon to show them haters what shes capable of. I am hoping though that the others will get the opportunity to show what they're made off.
  7. lol my apology was directed towards the moderators and anyone who is getting pissed off at reading continous repeated essays by us, nothing has been solved as i still stand by my original concerns but i feel this is going nowhere.
  8. @maknae23 No worries, actually i was going to stop there as well, because it seems Emperor Ryu is linking me to unnecessary articles which overall proves my points. My sincere apologies though for any unnecessary harm caused ~
  9. But according to KKS, Hwayoungs dismissal has nothing to do with the tweets rumours (not that i believe it) KKS said that Hwayoungs dismissal from the group was solely due to her behaviour towards staff as well as refusing to perform on music bank, so how can you say that its the antis fault that Hwayoung left? because according to KKS even if the controversy didnt happen he would still dismiss Hwayoung. Oh then would you care to show proof of KKS's apology towards his statement about kicking out any lazy members of the group and replace them with new ones? because the only apology i can remember from KKS is the one regarding the controversy and i mean you even said so yourself that KKS said that way before the controversy, so the only his apology about what he said during the controversy period which we saw his hand written apology note for, and we know that he was only apologising for the controversy because thats all it says on the letter all about what happened. Im not talking about the fact that their contracts are breaking the law, im saying that even if the girls arent happy they wouldnt directly come out and say it, they're also afraid of what the agency might do to them for example kick them out of the group (that by the way is not against the law). Also when exactly did he say that Hwayoung can return without any conditions? i only remember the cancelling of her contract without any conditions but nothing about her returning without any conditions apart from her saying "I will wait" during that 30 minute meeting but like ive repeated many times before when KKS says "Hwayoung can rejoin if she admits her faults" thats basically saying she wont ever rejoin because its like saying yes people i did it, its all my fault, i dont think Hwayoung would want that ~
  10. I dont care what the tweets mean, ive already seen that thread before but i really dont give a care in the world what people have concluded about the girls tweets right now because i know and believe that the girls would never directly bully each other, all I'm saying is, its what started the whole controversy and that's all the netizen's needed to start the bullying rumor's. It doesnt matter when KKS said those, its still there and unless he actually says that he takes them back then we can be sure he meant it, and if your referring to how eunjung mentioned that their CEO is getting old and even asks for their opinion then may i just add that they are under his management and even if they hate him on the inside they wont just come out and admit that they resent him. Yeah he apologized for the incident not what he said about the replacing a member who is lazy, what he said in the apology was directed to the words he said during the controversy and look i don't hate the guy to the point where i'd wish death on him or anything to that extent, i just don't like the way he handled the controversy and the limited rest he gives the girls. In regards to what Qri said, that goes without saying you cant just assume she means they get decent resting times before a comeback is announced, she could mean longer than their usual resting times of 2-3 hours during comebacks. Sunmi's case is way different from Hwayoungs, Sunmi left for academic reasons and even then there was no official departure notice from JYP so somehow she was still part of wonder girls to a lot of people until her comeback and even when she left wonder girls she never actually left JYP. Hwayoung on the other hand was dismissed by KKS due to complaints from Staff, there is a huge difference.
  11. You replied to my post so how can i just scroll past it? and for the record both our posts on Dani's profile got deleted except my initial one, and i'm sure there was a good reason for that. Anyway i wont go on for long here because quite frankly it seems like we're just going around in circles repeating things we've already said on Dani's profile as well as on here. Yes, the problem got out of control when netizens insisted there was bullying in the group and their #1 source of proof was the tweets which was indeed a valid proof because we all know the tweets were directed towards hwayoung and even the girls said that they had a disagreement like you've mentioned and hence all the interpretations from the netizens of what the tweets could mean, aka bullying, but like ive said if it hadnt been started it would have never gotten out of control like it did, its the professional thing to do to keep the group problems within the group and the agency. And in regards to the vacations and schedules and no sleep and all that, just a heads up the girls dont make their own schedules, everything is determined by the agency, so whatever the girls say in regards to that i never really believe it because of course if they are told to work they have to work and even if they are not told to practice they still do especially after KKS said this "If the members are lazy, or harmful to other members including the new members, we'll make the bold decision to remove and replace them with new members." who wouldn't work their butts off if this is whats going to happen to them? what Qri said could be interpreted in a lot of ways it doesnt necessarily mean they usually get heaps of rest before a comeback, fact is they have never gotten a decent amount of rest and most of us fans know that. And i don’t know what them apologizing has to do with my post, of course they have to apologise, all idols and agency’s do that after a controversy but Hwayoung is never going to rejoin T-ara and that’s a fact no matter how many times you point out that she can rejoin (which i assume you'll mention again). If i didn’t cover the rest of your post it would be because its already covered in previous posts and there is no need to keep repeating myself, this discussion is just going around in circles like i said in the beginning and there is no need to drag it on if that’s what going to happen and then there's the possibility of getting the posts removed as a result. Let’s just leave it at the fact that you have your delusional opinions on what happened and i have mine, in the end we all support T-ara and will continue to stand by them until their last stage as T-ara (which i hope will be thousands of years away ) !!!
  12. “We want to try giving ‘Free Hugs’. It seems like it would be fun.” OH HELL NO !! SOMEONE TAKE ME TO KOREA RIGHT NOW !!!!!!
  13. Oh here we go again. Do you really have to write an essay just to reply to a three line opinion? I think it’s time to stop with the whole delusional state of mind your in and realise that T-aras tweets started the whole controversy, they had conflicts within the group but instead of solving it within the group they took it to twitter and everyone saw what was happening and that’s how it all started. Yes they chose to be celebrities but they also knew that doing so would mean that their every move will be monitored by everyone, so really the twitter thing should never have happened in the first place, you cant blame people using their tweets to make assumptions about the situation when it was T-ara themselves who gave it to them. Breaks and Vacations? That 10 day break was the only decent one they were EVER going to receive since they debuted, they never had any other proper breaks like this before. It’s funny that it is fixed in your head that when people complain about T-ara having no breaks it automatically makes them anti’s and haters. What part of saying that they are worried about T-ara’s health does it imply that they are haters? Not mentioning breaks that T-ara have had in the past is due to the fact that those were never proper breaks they aren’t long enough to be considered vacations, there is always something work related that they have to do when they are given those so called “breaks”. We can never know whether CCM was going to actually give them breaks and vacations, i mean they once said that T-ara were to going to paris and will be having a vacation. Yeah vacation my @ss, they ended up making the girls do a photoshoot, so that’s what i mean when i say that we can never know what breaks and vacations KKS would have given them, it seems to me like KKS has a different meaning of vacation to everyone else’s meaning. I don’t even know what the rest of what you wrote has to do with what i initially said. I swear i don’t know how many more times your going to keep repeating this over and over again. Keep this in mind please and realise the seriousness of it all if Hwayoung rejoins T-ara- Ok now chances of Hwayoung rejoining is ZILT, ZERO, NADA why? Because like i mentioned on my reply in Dani’s profile (which seems to have been deleted) KKS specifically said that “Hwayoung can come back if she admits her faults” who in their right puny mind would come back after hearing something like this? Going back to T-ara would mean Hwayoung is admitting that the controversy was all her fault; it was her incompetence and self-centeredness that things blew out of proportion. Would you go back if this is what going back would imply?? I DON’T THINK SO ~ Now please stop with this whole Hwayoung can rejoin T-ara thing, Hwayoung also has pride and she wouldn’t go back if it means hurting that pride ~
  14. oh CCM why am i not surprised? Your hunger for money while paying no attention to the girls health is really exasperating ! But in saying that, T-ara does do justice to remade songs. I liked how they remade Bingeul Bingeul after listening to the original, which was good as well but the remake was more lively and enjoyable. But still couldn't CCM have waited for next year to release that?
  15. That picture of Boram and Jiyeon (oldest and youngest) is ooper super dooper cute ~ The controversy has indeed had a huge affect on T-aras popularity but i agree it was something they needed in order for them to realise that they need to take a good long look at themselves and fix anything that they felt needed fixing. Although they didn't seem to be lacking in any areas to us as their fans but they also need to be confident about themselves first (personality wise) because only then can they also be confident to stand in front of their fans. I just hope they will continue to look forward and stay strong as they are. Of course what happened cant be erased or forgotten but they just need to learn to not let it affect them. And for KKS to just leave the girls as they are and bloody hell give them some breaks. You'd think the controversy would let the girls have some decent amount of rest but NOOOO KKS needs money, so just let them have their comeback as scheduled and let the girls explain their own controversy (which isnt a bad idea as we can see, T-ara explains it way better than CCM could ever have).
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