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  1. oh my god~ poor hyomin! so sad to see that. T_T
  2. wa, looks like Danee can't wait to join all of her unnie to perform on stage and have fun together haha.
  3. Danee looks very pretty! Hyomin looks very cool with the red bright colour hair. them
  4. i wanna watch it so badly but too bad i need eng sub. >.< haha.
  5. vitamin waters. LOL. all of them are enjoying it. love the photo. thanks for sharing.
  6. yes! congratulation to t-ara! well deserved this! t-ara hwaiting! day by day rocks!
  7. “I don't really have any advice I give to her specifically. I usually advise and remind her not to be affected by negative posts online. It's one of the things you go through as you grow; and she may go through bigger and worse things in the future, so I tell her to be patient and to endure it as the best she can,” yea, keep on fight Boram! don't be affected by those comments. =D
  8. members changes or not is okay. the company making decisions to make T-ara becoming better! T-ara hwaiting!
  9. i wanna watch T_T but i need english sub because i don't understand korean. >.<
  10. oh my gawd! photos on bed? hahahaha. all of them are nice. personally i like jiyeon's picture the most.
  11. awesome! seems like they're playing with cakes and creams? take a look at hyomin's nose xD haha =)
  12. all of them looks so gorgeous in those white dress. t-ara hwaiting! =D
  13. hahah, jiyeon is like yawning or asking for food? xDDDDDDD haha soo cute
  14. wow, 1st picture and the 3rd picture. they looked so sweet in 1st picture. Hyomin looks very beautiful in wedding dress
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