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  1. what's the concept of this program???? and who is the random person meeting her at the restaurant? I think I have seen him somewhere
  2. this is what happens when they connect themselves with the environment that is Chris Brown and those kind of people. THX to CCM for that. American hip hop look only suited Areum. I am really glad they are back in Korea and on stage again. Europe seems to be T-ara's Style more considering they have been there + on vacation.
  3. the nose looks different from this angle.. and she has said before that she has considered plastic surgery on it
  4. I'm in Seoul at that time, but i'm travelling to Gyeongju for the 14th-15th damn that really sucks that i will miss it but awesome to hear they are giving fans a refund
  5. he couldnt be more wrong, a totally different girl group is not what we want or need.
  6. wow so pretty, and nice dresses they have. this is a great set of pictures
  7. some what sad as they are great to watch on screen, but also great news as they are allowed to focus more on their singing and promotion + should be able to rest more when they dont got acting schedules also
  8. can always take comfort on that it is a show and she sure does look fantasticly stunning
  9. Okay im ordering the plane ticket for Seoul Airport right now and im on my way
  10. at least i can settle myself on that it is a tv show, but damn sure am jealous (:
  11. I love how everyone is so supportive, it is so different from what you see at western bands and culture. T-ara and Hwayoung Hwaiting
  12. if it comes to Android then i will buy it, even though i dont normally buy apps
  13. Hmm Kings for male T-ara fans perhaps, because Queens wont work, not even by a long shot
  14. Nice Selca of Eunjung, such beauty. Love the V neck and also cute cover for the phone
  15. Im so glad to hear this, great news for the girls, they all deserve this and i think when they come back from the vacation they will be even better since they are really stressed at the moment. T-ara Daebak
  16. great pictures of them, really hope they get a break soon
  17. Tom and jerry im also pretty sure it is Boram you can regonize her face very easily. so cute together
  18. so lucky you are, christmas came early it seems congrats on it
  19. what i wouldnt give for a dance with Soyeon or Hyomin, or any of them actually
  20. they are really performing well with Cry Cry, it has been the succes we had hoped for
  21. big congrats to her, and yeah no doubt she is the main vocal, her voice is simply stunning and also can't wait for lovey dovey
  22. Hyomin is so sexy it is unbelievable, and oh boy they are all amazing but so sad to see eunjung is not there
  23. think im being mesmerized by soyeon voice, it is unbelieveable also if you hear her in Cry Cry
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