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  1. Noooooo, why not Europe, why oh why cruel world.... this is great news for the girls, get them known overseas will help them. so this will be right after Cry Cry and Black Eyes. they really have their hands full.
  2. it truely is amazing. the music, the settings and the acting, everything is just great about this vid. and the tone of everything and the hole flow of music, they have created a nr 1 chart hit i think, and now we look towards the next part of it. and great job with the upload
  3. never mind the comeback, just want her to be well. the wellbeing of the girls are the most important.
  4. great pictures, and i would really wish european shows would watch this show to see how you give actors great costumes. because the ones they use on Gye Baek are totally awesome.
  5. and those 100 days were well spent i must say, she looks truly stunning. i cant wait for Black Eyes and Cry Cry. wish the days went by faster
  6. this is gonna be amazing, and what a great picture of them all together. really cool
  7. very nice rap by her, she really adds something to T-ara as do they all.
  8. it is news like this that makes me wanna live in south korea
  9. yeah i agree, looks interresting, and the girls look absolutely stunning.
  10. nice to see them go to so many different things, get the word out about this group
  11. really wish there will be a scene with all of them together
  12. they are so overbooked with this album and tours in japan + korea, so i think it might be wise to push it back for a little bit.
  13. any ways to get them to europe, i want one of those posters. really wish they could get their songs onto the european market. think they are a fantastic group
  14. im really looking forward to the full MV + the album, think they have made some great posters, and the music in the teaser was awesome.
  15. Eunjung looks so pretty in these photos. they are really all over the place with concerts, and different shows.
  16. she is so pretty and cute, they are appearing in so much stuff, especially Eunjung.
  17. So cute, but wow i think they might be over extending themselves, with all those things they are doing + concerts. and they have to prepare a new album. just hope the schedule wont get to them.
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