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  1. Yaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Congratss eunjung!!! finally we can see Hahm on screen again T.T
  2. "Only a few antis will use that baseless argument and believe that Hwayoung and the rest of the members are on bad terms"--> idk, but you can't deny too if after scandal, they're on bad terms "If we took a look at Hwayoung's reaction tweets to Eunjung's drama production removal and T-ara's written letter by Qri, that is way far from being spiteful, let alone awkward."--> yeah, but if HY wants, she could speak clearly that she wasn't bullied, not with ambiguous tweet. Qri's letter was an apology letter for fans and HY because she got fired but it didn't explain their current relationship which you think still in a good terms "She even keeps in contact with Kim Kwang Soo through another agency who happens to be a friend of his."--> i can't comment on the bold sentence...because sounds ridiculous and err, no, that agency CEO is HY's father old friend, and he was sympathy for her because her father was his hoobae "Hyoyoung, bless her sisterly heart, in keeping the lines of communication between her sister and everyone else."--> LMAO....i don't think so, you sound so delusional "Soyeon publicly stated for the entire group that they still even think of her as a sister to all of them"--> yeah, but she said their current relationship now is only like sunbae and hoobae "Her brand new and improved contract is waiting for her at Core Contents Media.:--> LOL CCM had terminated her contract and i don't think there's a new one since HY has moved into other company "There are lots of fans who will welcome her back in the group, and chant all of their names."--> they are, but there are more fans who already pick side and the situasion isn't same anymore "Hwayoung is family to the rest of the members and on good terms with Kim Kwang Soo still."--> idk if she still have a good term with KKS LOL after all these scandal btw, do you read the meaning of HY's rap lyric that she published at the same time with T-ara first comeback for Sexy Love? it feels like she hold spite (maybe) towards T-ara (sorry if i have to say this just my opinion when i read the meaning of her rap lyric). i just want to say here that they have their own paths now and HY prefer to be an actress in the new agency, so just let she choose her own path.
  3. many Queen's keep saying they want Hwa to go back and join T-ara again...OMG don't you think how about T-ara's feeling at all? netizens are netizens, if she joins again, netizens will keep saying CCM force her bla bla..poor Hwayoung, T-ara will bully her again bla bla.. T-ara will always be in the wrong side, nothings change from netizens "detective so called" eyes. it only makes situasion worse. T-ara and Hwa relationship is not same anymore, it's soooo awkward, imagine if they perform on stage together, i could feel Hwa's whole nation supporters will boo at T-ara and praising Hwa, maybe same with K-Queen's too, i think there are some who don't like Hwa anymore. i mean i believe this scandal really affected their friendship. and tbh i don't think Hwa wants to go back to CCM after this scandal. the damage was done, we as fans only can move on and support your idols. just forget all these past, look to the future
  4. yeppp, that fugly outfit is a disaster!!! her stylist is crazyyyeeeehhhh well, Jungie looks so cool though
  5. AWESOME *0* She looks so cool! can't wait for the other members \o/
  6. OMG OMG OMG so excited *O* i hope the best for them!! Hip Hop is better than retro! remember TTL
  7. well, just stay positive. i like this sub-unit but i feel bad for SsoRiRam too, i just hope SsoRiRam will get some project too like drama or variety show etc T-ara hwaiting!!!
  8. i hope someone will upload this video on youtube again T__T i can't download this ...
  9. omgggg so happpyyyyy XD Can't wait for eunjung solo, Jiyeon solo, Qri solo, soyeon-areum duet, and EunJiMin trio XD awesome!!
  10. omg Knetizens really have no life.please leave T-ara alone!!!
  11. LOL WTH ... first Sbs now Kbs.. those two broadcast stations, please stop using T-ara to repair your image after what you have done to them
  12. so excited and happy for soyeon!!! i like her cute acting as lee kwang soo in haendeu lovers XD
  13. hyominnie so pretty and gorgeous though long hair is still the best for her
  14. CCM always funny so i don't care with the numbers as long as T-ara have many fans in there V-Queen's are so hyper i can understand their feelings
  15. lol KKS surely he is a weird CEO, i still remember he had a lot of toy stuff in his work room lmao
  16. eunjung is so kind ;_____; that's why you are my fave forever i believe you will have a great future i love you i hope the best for you
  17. lol their manager oppa always funny XD jungie looks so cute rest well T-ara
  18. so it means next year there is posibility of jiyeon's new drama? *O*
  19. i agree with you. tbh i always think that hyoyoung girl is an attention seeker, and i don't like her at all. it would be torture for me if i watch this drama lol. well, dani is more suited in 5dolls if we want to recall her age. well, if we talk about KKS, i always speechless. sometimes i like him, sometimes i hate him lol. for now, i only support T-ara and The Seeya from CCM.
  20. actually i want to watch this and give it a try for dani sake, but ... sorry, i just can't. tbh i don't like that hyoyoung girl. but i wish the best for this drama though
  21. awwhhh.. so many painful moments for T-ara this year RIP qri's grandpa, be strong qri-ahhh.... i hope T-ara will become stronger after going through all the painful memories
  22. i miss u jungie >___<

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