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  1. Yeah she does look a bit different but I feel like it might just be her makeup or lack of. Either way so pretty.
  2. Eunjung looks so cute having her mc this show will definitely make me want to watch more often.
  3. I like their performance. I cant wait till they perform it live more. I always like hearing the fanchants.
  4. Like the concept not sure I will like the song but oh well
  5. This disappoints me. Whether it was the station that asked her to leave or she wanted to leave I can kind of understand. As unpopular as this maybe i actualy wish all of T-ara would just take a break for a bit. Not to give antis a victory but more just to give the girls a break this whole incident is probably taking a toll on them. Having some bonding time amongst each other and some time with their families would be good. I know that's not profitable for CCM to have their money making group sitting on the sideline, but I sometimes wonder if they are just worsening their image overall by pushing threw this whole situation almost by force. Oh well good luck eunjung. This definetly disappoints me. I really liked her in wgm, jangwoo couple was the only couple I watched. I hope they give them a nice ending and don't just randomly kill the couple off.
  6. Wow she looks pretty bad in those pictures. I hope she recovers soon. I am also beginning to think maybe she needs a rest and she shouldn't be filming in a drama, even though I love seeing her in the drama.
  7. Omg soyeon please take care. I also was scared to click on this story when I saw it on allkpop. It was right after I read about her interview. Hopefully the two events are unrelated.
  8. I'm curious and slightly concerned I don't think it will be anything too bad it might just be a hyped up announcement just to grab more attention for the group.
  9. I liked the performance. Also thought it was nice seeing jiyeon mc'ing again. Glad to See soyeon an hwayoung performing.
  10. Mmmm not a big fan of this performance to be honest. I love eunjung and I think she can rap but after hearing how awesome hwayoung was on this track I prefer hwayoung. Missing soyeon didn't help this performance either. I agree with the thought about areum trying to take some of soyeon's lines if she is out.
  11. I am super excited to hear this. I think she will do well. Also I didn't realize she was in Giant.
  12. I thought they were done acting for 2012? Or is this for next year?
  13. I so thought the same thing, was scrolling around like where is it?
  14. Bad news all around when I first read the title I thought it was a misprint or a joke maybe part of a drama. This is sad I can imagine eunjung upset crying, it makes me me feel bad too. Although I agree she shouldn't have been carrying that much, but I like her desire to do more and be in charge.
  15. Lazy? This after their first break in how long? Oh well I always kind of thought they could make t-ara into sub units, kinda like after school red vs blue. I hope they don't just cut some of the girls for good. Maybe they will make another girl group and mix it up with 5dolls. But I'm hoping the lazy comment is just misinterpreted. I'm thinking this might also give the girls more opportunities or time to break. I will be sad if my favorites get removed any of them.
  16. I'm so jealous right now. Eunjung always seems so friendly, it adds to her charm.
  17. T-ara seemed the most friendly in that first video. Makes me really want to meet them when they come to California.
  18. I knew as soon as I bought songs for iu shake t-ara shake would get released and now I have to buy those songs lol.
  19. still waiting for this to be released. I was going to buy songs for iu shake but I would much rather have all the songs in t-ara shake. If only it would hurry up and get released.
  20. Nice I'm glad the girls finally get a fan club. Sign me up. personally I like diadem.
  21. Interesting to hear ccm's reason. But still I feel like they should have prepared and allowed more time to make sure they had the visa. I am still a little sour about losing 100 plus in cancellation fees. I was so excited for a vacation too. I hope the rescheduled date is April 22nd so that I can go. I don't think I can go if its Friday or Saturday. Hope ccm is better prepared for the next show.
  22. I am excited for their live performance of lovey dovey. Congrats to the girls on their success and hard work.
  23. Looks like soyeon was having fun! I wish I could see this musical. Jiyeon looks tired, but still pretty. I like hyomin and soyeon in this, but I am beginning to think jiyeon needs rest instead.
  24. Wow nice lineup. I also wonder when the girls will get a vacation. But I guess strike while the iron is hot. This may be there shot at really hitting that upper tier of idols.
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