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    wingnnit reacted to banene08 in [12.08.23] Ham Eunjung at home in seclusion with her mother   
    I think it is more better that Eunjung stay with her family, I know that her mother will comfort her than anybody else. Please be strong Ham Eunjung. We are here to comfort you. Sbs will face the consequences of they're decision. Fighting Ham Eunjung.
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    wingnnit reacted to Huevogro in [12.08.13] T-ara's Soyeon rushed to Seoul hospital for emergency medical treatment   
    Pictures were absolutely NOT necessary I'm sure none one wants to get pictures on that state. CCM should have protected her and avoided those pictures to be published it breaks my heart to see this. Hope she gets better and i thought this couldn't get worse
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    wingnnit got a reaction from xPhil27x in [SPAZZ] T-ara Shake   
    This game is so addictive. I entered the catch me if you can contest a few weeks back and won one of the signed copies of lovey dovey so cool!
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