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  1. I hope they'll be fine. It's great that they are back but I really think it's a bit too early.
  2. Threatening? Wow... Why are there so many people who are so crazy???
  3. Her statement is great =) CCM made so many mistakes. They totally failed. They wanted the best for T-ara but it was the worst.
  4. It becomes stranger. I somehow understand that the drama wouldn't be marketed but it isn't incomprehensibly that she doesn't know that she will be dropped. The dismissing of Hwayoung was so worst idea of KKS.
  5. I don't understand why the netizens and reporters are so thoughtless. The girl had a difficult time, too. I hate those type of people who prejudice others because of rumors. I really don't know how the "fans" who talk bad about T-ara can call themselves fans. It makes me so angry. T-ara FIGHTING!!! Eunjung FIGHTING! I'm really excited about the new drama
  6. The situation becomes more and more stranger... Because of the departure of Hwayoung T-ara loses many fans and many tickets of the concerts are returned. Now he stated that there is a possible return? KKS you sucks. There are also evidence of bullying now. Why now and not in the past? It is very strange. it would be good when the other members stated the situation. Otherwise they will lose more fans
  7. 6,300 fans left T-ara's fancafe So it starts. http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/07/6300-fans-left-t-aras-fancafe.html
  8. I've already said it in the topic before. This is crazy. Why were there so many hate comments from fans? What fans are them? Why didn't they help her in those hard times? CCM ruined T-ara
  9. Haha that's so funny KKS! You only want to justify your decision! YOU RUINED T-ARA. Why didn't he spoke with Hwayoung if there was such incident. He said he want to stay quiet and now this announcement??? She's injured! INJURED!!! This is a joke, isn't it? CCM & KKS keep the fact straight! It would be the best if T-ara leave CCM. But leaving CCM isn't easy. The isn't a guarantee that the will find a new company. There will also be no guarantee that all member will be together. CCM owned the rights of their songs and the name of T-ara. The only way to leave is a disbandment and I think no one here want this.
  10. It's so crazy that so many people tried to make a petition that Eunjung should leave WGM and Five Fingers because of this incident. They also say she doesn't have talent. WTF!!! They should keep their mouth!
  11. I'm in shock... KKS ruined T-ara! I don't know what he will receive with this but it isn't for the sake of T-ara. At first the addition of members and now the departure of the most beloved rapper Hwayoung. With the announcement of Dani as a new rapper whom I really like I already had a bad feeling. But I encourage myself to wait. And now I'm sad and angry. I don't know if I can love T-ara as before. I want to support T-ara but with those decision it will be harder and more difficult to support T-ara. At first I didn't like Hwayoung very much but then I heard her awesome rap and fell in love with her. And now it is all over. CCM destroyed my beloved T-ara. My love for T-ara is damaged by T-ara. And I don't know if it will ever be recovered. I really could cry at the moment. I really hope Hwayoung will find a better company. FIGHTING HWAYOUNG
  12. I also have a bad feeling. CCM already dissapointed me one time. So I think there will be bad news. I don't think it is because of the twitter incidence. I'm pretty sure that the girls love eachother like sisters. I can't imagine that the girls are so rude. Hwayoung knows it. But I can't denied that I'm very worried about Hwayoung's tweet. I'm very curious what she is referring to. I'm very worried at the moment. What happens to my beloved girl group T-ara since this year.
  13. Hyomin & Eunjung arrived Frankfurt, Germany at 10:20 pm. I lived in Germany but not in Frankfurt. It's so pity that they don't visit Berlin. CR: Hyomin twitter + Syrus23 + tiaradiadem
  14. Hmm that's not so bad when the girls have amazing voices... I'm a big fan of T-ara but in my opinion they need someone with a awesome voice like JeA from Brown Eyed Girls, Haeri from Davichi, Taeyeon from SNSD or Gayoon from 4minute. Soyeon and Hyomin have great voices, too, but not so amazing like the examples. It is only my opinion as a KING.
  15. I don't like this change but have to accept it. I think in a 9-member group it's difficult to split the vocal parts. It's difficult enough for a 7-member group. SNSD also can't split the parts easily. There will always be a member with small vocal part. But I'm really looking forward to see the new members =) I hope that a replacement will not be necessary that would ruin the band. T-ara fighting
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