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  1. That is Kim Tae Woo original from the group "G.O.D" (aka Groove OverDose) and more notably from Season 1 of Invincible Youth which also featured Hyomin and a guest appearance by Eunjung so he has a pretty good work history with T-ARA now. :)


    Great singer!

    Oh wow, now I feel dumb. :blink: I definitely know who Bear Tae Woo is, I just didn't recognize him at all in the wig and everything, and I completely forgot he was in the musical too.

    Love Rain is an amazing song.

  2. My stuff:


    I just moved this month and haven't bought new shelves so unfortunately none of this stuff is displayed right now. I'm missing a couple calendars and albums since I moved, they're hopefully buried in a box somewhere with the wrong group, but oh well. Also all my posters are now in tubes or got destroyed when I was packing :wacko: . Thankfully for my bank account, I never really got into photo cards or star cards, especially from resellers since the sales don't benefit the girls, and it would be crazy expensive to just buy countless albums and packs until I got the cards I want.

  3. If you continue having problems, you could try somewhere else like Mediafire. Though they're more strict, we'll simply have an Uploader reupload from there.

    Changed filenames should be no problem. :]

    Yeah, I'd definitely prefer to use Mega, I've used it in the past with no problems. Not sure what the deal is right now, could be their servers I suppose.


  4. The button that we were referring to was based on information prior to the sale going up. So we made the steps based off buying any other product on their page.

    Thanks a lot, eXceed. That's what was really throwing me off, at least now I know I'm not missing something.

    We'll try to contact them and see what people without passports should do.

    And thank you again. I'm going to go ahead and try to get a passport, but even with the expedited process it takes est. two weeks, and with the government shutdown and all that, I imagine I won't actually be able to get one in my hands before the end of October.

  5. It seems the English and Korean sites have separate logins. Its unusual that they require a Passport number for registration. Though, when you submit your confirmation form on T-ara's fancafe, they do ask for the full name on the passport. The INIPay plugin is required to process payment; once it launches, it will take you through a prompt for entering your credit card information. I signed up via the English website so I can't be of further assistance, but hopefully there are some members that did go through the Korean website to obtain membership who can offer some help.

    Yeah, I lack a passport and I'm beginning to think that's going to be a problem.

    I'm now trying to pay through the INIPay plugin directly, by clicking the red button and skipping the first three steps including clicking the cart icon and entering your shopping cart, but I'm hitting a wall.

    When I get to step 4 in INIPay (it skips step 3) I get to this page. The text covered in black was automatically filled for me, the red boxes won't allow me to enter any information, and when I click the blue button in the bottom right corner to continue, I'm given the message "배송지 정보를 모두 입력해 주세요." I'm assuming the shipping option at the top "일반우편배송(0원)" is domestic which would be preventing my information from being correct?


    Thanks, eXceed. Hoping someone will be able to help me out soon.

  6. So, I absolutely need to have a passport or foreign registration number to sign up in English?

    Edit: So I signed up using the tutorial, but when I go to the product page it does not have the shopping cart icon on the page. I see the shopping cart icon on other items on Yes24, but not the Queen's membership page. There is a red button that tries to launch some INIPay plugin, and the blue button for English booking, but the English site will not allow me to log in with the account I created (note: the site in Korean does allow me to log in.).

    Screenshot of the page: http://i.imgur.com/lIlWm2l.jpg

    It still astounds me how a country with such amazing internet can completely break online shopping and make registering for anything a hassle.

    Edit #2: Can't find that shopping cart icon on any ticket page at all, only physical items. Really not sure what I'm doing wrong.

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