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  1. wow she is looks so pretty with innocent style..i like the concept..but where is the others members? i think the others will fit with the concept too..
  2. I would love to see Eunjung acting again, but she really has lots of schedule. Take care Eunjung...
  3. I'm super dissapointed right now, wasn't there a report that said they would have a radical transformation for Black Eyes? What happened with that? ahhh!!! i can't wait for it to come out!!! sounds so awesome i'm anticipating like mad, t-ara fighting!!
  4. wow..t-ara gonna dominated japan chart again.. they killing japan chart..can't wait for their next single...
  5. Whoa, that's amazing! It's great that they're being received really well in Japan. i'm so happy that they are being recognized more now!! so proud of our girls!! T-ARA FTW!
  6. their hardwork is not wasted ! they achieved so much already !they will definitely bcome more famous ! thats so amazing with 16000..t-ara fighting
  7. Congratulations to the girls. Hopefully this will continue to to sell strongl.. hope it will be a successful japan debut..
  8. I agree it the cf really did look like a mv and the lights made is luxurious! The CF was so great!!
  9. T-ara congrats on being ranked 1 on the oricon chart on the first day. hope their success will continue to their future album
  10. Wow Hyomin looks pretty and very gorgeous Waiting patiently for the other members!!
  11. wew 16,000 people wow it is so impressive i hope t-ara have more fans...
  12. wow they are so beautiful.. thanks for sharing this photo
  13. these 2 are very beautiful.. i wish i in thailand and greet them in there..
  14. The song is good I actually love their concept for this promotion.
  15. How I wish I can fly over there. Haha! Anyway t-ara fighting and take care of yourselves! good for them!! lucky thai fans...
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