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  1. Cute mp3 player. It is so fit to the girls. Especially for JY!
  2. I want all this cards ))) With signatures!!! I know, I'm bold )))))))))))))))))))
  3. They are loks very good in this magazine. My favourite EJ is adorable here.
  4. It looks like Eun Jung is laughs out loud at first picture )
  5. I am hardly awaitin this trasformation. This is a very strong statement.
  6. Anybody? kill the Eun Jung stylist!! What wit this scirt?
  7. WOW! I like it Thank you very much for upload .
  8. I hop shi is fine now after injury. We ate all waitin new perfomances fron T-ara !!!
  9. Oh! What happened there/ Wht is she crying?
  10. Than you! The first one is on my wallpaper. I mlike the quality! I think I'll do the poster witht that. I have a friend on typography )))
  11. The girls are so cute there. I like the 1'st one with EJ and Bo Ram the most!
  12. WoW! Hyonin is Daeback! She looks like real baseball player ))
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