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  1. Dance Like Roly Poly ...

  2. Hmmm ... I don't see the girls being humiliated during or after their performance. What's wrong with this people ....
  3. It's going to be a long time for T-ARA members to recover from all of this ... I hope all of them stay strong together !
  4. I think KKS doesn't even know the degree of damage which have been inflicted on the girls. Why can't they make an official apology to the public instead of posting a written apology?!
  5. Hmmm .... Everything is planned from the beginning when the announce addition of two new members to the group.
  6. Nah ... If I were Hwayoung I would never join back. Instead redeemed her dignity for being the victim of injustice. Totally wrong from the beginning.
  7. Wow ... They going for a grand comeback with the latest album. Should be exciting .... Areum does look like IU at first glance...
  8. Adding or replacing members of the group no great idea. I don't know what the CEO is thinking but still a lot of fans will oppose to this changes. Last year, they announced they are adding new member to the group and the group continue to gain their support from the fans. I hope the changes done are for good causes.
  9. Congrats to them for signing the contract worth 1 billion Won with Gibalhan Chicken.
  10. They certainly win #1 spot in music programs! The subway gonna be packed with fans waiting for them.
  11. She must have been in pain performing on stage in her condition. Hope she can recover from her injury ... Eunjung, hwaiting!
  12. Weee... Yeah! I can't wait for the zombie version of the MV.
  13. I think she needs proper rest ... Due to her busy schedule, it's difficult for her to maintain proper sleep time. I hope she recover soon ...
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