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    i like cloud-watching and sleeping!! i also love dipping my feet in water and surfing the net!!!
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  1. I was so surprised to hear her voice even though it should be a given as she's been in this industry for so long, and usually it's always soyeon or sometimes eunjung who gets handed the more vocal role. i am so glad she did this.
  2. waahhh!! so pretty!! it's so nice to finally see her in a concept like this. i'm loving it!
  3. Thanks! I finished watching it! It was fun. I wish to see Jiyeon in another drama production soon~~
  4. Could you post an updated links, please? I can't find a good video on youtube.
  5. We've always known Hyomin to have a sexy image and I'm glad this album shows more of what Hyomin is but I'm sad that Hyomin also has to resort to this type of image to get the media's attention. I'd just be happy with her giving off a sophisticated sexy aura rather than just revealing skin. But oh well, still I'll pray for this comeback to be a success. Fighting!
  6. I'm so happy to see the girls on Happy Together. BTW what is the ranking chart at the end? Some kind of Naver search rankings? If so seeing T-ara on 2nd makes me so glad, hope the netizens are seeing them in a kinder light now.
  7. I love how Qri looks like an expensive woman all the time lol
  8. wow she looks so pretty here!!! I always like it when my favourite girls wear flower crowns, it just makes such a beautiful picture.
  9. wow all the posters look so sweet! I am just praying for jiyeon's not to be a melodrama or I can't watch it. I'll just end up breaking down within the first few minutes lol so excited for these drama though!!!!
  10. 2 MILLION VOTES!!! I'm floored. Its so nice to see people acknowledging their hard work. Thank you so much. And I hope T-ara just keeps on shining brighter!
  11. This is just a series of one good news after another for me. Finally!!! So excited to see her acting chops, she's a formidable one after all!
  12. lolol I found the pic so funny. Because it was kinda like as if Dispatch was trolling us only showing us Jiyeon's face and not the guy she is filming it with. Anyways hope they make a good pair
  13. YAAASSS!!!! Been sooo long. Pumped up for their comeback. They are finally doing something fun and light(I hope/think?) anyways all the best to my girls!!!
  14. YAAASSS! Finally some news and glad to see qri in a dramam production. lol jang Suwon, I swear I just remember him as that guy with the robot acting and thanks to him whenever someone in a drama says 'gwenchanayo?' (Are you okay?), I immediately say 'mani nollecho' (You must be surprised). haha pumped up to see it though <3
  15. soyeon really looks good with that caramel-coloured shade
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