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  1. Ugh, do not want. I hope whatever they come up with is never released tbh. He's just not worth spending time on right now.
  2. It has the physical album cover on one side and the digital cover on the other side, based on this eBay listing.
  3. Yay, I got my shipment notification just a half hour ago! Guess it won't be shipping out on the 11th after all, lol.
  4. I'd rather a limited release than no physical release at all. Still, it's not like they can't just print more if they want, so it's not really "limited"...not that 40k is really limited in the first place.
  5. The link worked for me. Weird that the estimated ship out date isn't until the 11th, though.
  6. The bride at the wedding I worked tonight was named Boram, lol.

  7. This is pretty...out there, lol. It sounds like three songs in one. Maybe it'll be like I Gotta Boy and everyone's part will have a different sound to it.
  8. Sounds like they're basically kicking poor Qri and Boram to the curb, lol.
  9. I'm glad Qri has long, blonde hair again, not that I didn't like her short watermelon hair. It goes so well with the pink outfit. Overall, it reminds me a lot of Bo Peep Bo Peep.
  10. Tbh, while I'd like to say "better late than never" this means absolutely nothing. The only reason it exists is so that a couple years from now, looking back at this, people can say "Hey, at least they apologized!" and there are absolutely no negative consequences for the company.
  11. Wow, that's a lot of new songs. I'm super excited about the less appreciated members getting more spotlight with songs, too. Super excited in general! I think I'm going to buy Jacket B, with the Boram and Qri duet, and Jacket H, with Qri's solo.
  12. Well, they brought it on themselves. This is what happens when you act all high-and-mighty, as if you're above doing what needs to be done to earn your pay.
  13. I thought Roly Polys were those little insect things that curl up in a ball. Then again, like xbot said, toilet paper inspired Bo Peep Bo Peep...Both really great songs.
  14. Well, I mean, what's the rush in going to college? You can always be a singer but, let's face it, time expires for most idols. May as well make use of your beauty while you have it.
  15. How strange. I wore a uniform for my Catholic school days (that'd be pre-k through fifth grade) and it took me years to develop my own real fashion sense. In middle school I wore sweat pants and a hoodie every day three years! Scars you for life, I tell you.
  16. Why give it to Dani? She didn't really do anything to help T-ARA sell Jewelry Box. Oh, well. Maybe it's supposed to be like encouragement to work hard and debut at the level the rest of T-ARA is already at.
  17. T-ARA's confession? Do they really have to keep milking all of this dumb drama?
  18. Uncle fans hypnotized? What does that mean? lol. Good to see she's getting along with her peers.
  19. I wonder why Areum is the only one in that white business suit outfit.
  20. Eunjung's dress is beautiful! I love the little arm accessories they all have.
  21. Russians sending English messages to Korean pop stars? Haha, great.
  22. I don't think legal action is really appropriate here but we'll see where this goes.
  23. That's good but with all the touring maybe to prepare for all of the work in the future they can take a rest for awhile...
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