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  1. I hope this is true! I heard something about it being delayed until October and that would be terrible! I just wish they would work on a full album with all-new songs for once instead of what will probably end up being a seventh mini album or re-release of Day by Day.
  2. http://thatssosoo.tumblr.com/ That Tumblr supposedly has subbed GIFs.
  3. I've never watched a Kdrama before but I'm looking forward to this one. Go Eunjung!
  4. You could speculate all you want about every person in the world that you don't know, but it's not going to mean anything. You're right, we have no idea what T-ARA members are "really" like, and we're not supposed to. But the same is true of every group, of every celebrity. And yet, most people don't actively attempt to find flaws in every celebrity they see and perhaps don't particularly right. Well, that's not really true I suppose. That's a part of fame culture, after all, isn't it? Trying to bring others down. But I doubt most people would say that's a positive aspect of it. Regardless, speculating without anything but circumstantial evidence is pointless, whether it's about T-ARA or 2NE1.
  5. It's so dumb to expect them to be edited out. It's not like they've been disbanded; even if they had been, what would fill in their time?
  6. More like "one lie lead to another lie". Whatever. At least we don't have to deal with his BS for awhile. T-ARA will, though.
  7. Good for her. I'm sure she and the other members are stressed regardless of the controversies. I hope she doesn't feel too much pressure from her fans to put herself back into the game too soon.
  8. I doubt that will happen. Hyo is still under contract unfortunately. She's probably just looking out for her sister.
  9. I've seen all of your Tumblr posts and I love what you've done. I'm so glad someone has dedicated as much time to showing the truth as others have to slander T-ARA.
  10. Only he could call everyone "victims" without placing the blame on himself.
  11. How could he say that about her? Of all of the things...At least she's getting more support than ever from actual fans (despite 6-ARA's treatment in this matter).
  12. It sounds like she wants to go back, though, since she referred to CCM as her "family". Doing things that she normally wouldn't while under them wouldn't make them favor her.
  13. I hope they're safe at the concert, at least. The hatred directed towards them is astounding.
  14. I think you copied a truncated link (hyperlink using shortened text to represent the URL), so it's broken right now.
  15. I wonder what Dani and Ahreum think of all of this. If T-ARA manages to stay together, will they still even want to join...?
  16. Ugh, I wish this wasn't all happening to the one group that I love. Everything's falling apart so quickly, and I can only hope that everything will turn out well in the end. Unfortunately, though, it's a heck of a lot quicker to destroy a kingdom than to build it up again, and a good conclusion will only be reached with time. Ideally, T-ARA would regroup with Hwayoung, but no one would want Hwayoung to do so while under CCM and especially with Kim Kyang Soo's patronizing attitude; then again, who in T-ARA would want that anyway? So, even though everything T-ARA has been working towards seems to be for naught, I pray that these issues can be resolved with time and cooperation between 6-ARA and Hwayoung. I hope there's not too much bad blood between them and that in the end their differences will be resolved so that they can come back stronger than ever before, but for that we must to wait. In any case, here's for the future of every member of T-ARA, past and present.
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