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  1. i miss DREAM HIGH and i miss jiyeon so much :D :D :D
  2. thay are so happy and i am happy too hyomin and soyeon unnie make the musical so cool
  3. so amazing T ara make me crazy so coolll the concept si so suitable with T ara
  4. boram draw pic so nice i like drawing but not too good for draw i think boram is better than me for drawing
  5. really like her style she look more cool than ussually she still beautiful with any style eunjung unnie you killed me aaaa
  6. they work hard japan and korea comeback comeback and after that the exam it's really tiring but the T-ara, I will still support you always and will continue to support you
  7. cant wait for drama release i will watch the drama because i like eunjung so much
  8. they are both very funny Roly poly they teach dance to the two girls
  9. i cant wait when the MV release i want to watch this i must be patient for this huh
  10. t ara concert again yeah q-ri smile so nice for me
  11. you all very white face does not look the slightest stain why are you so pretty?? you look stunning Like eunjung, Hyomin, Soyeon
  12. this time Boram seen shining hopefully she can more shine again like eunjung and others for me she is the best
  13. yayaya or anything like Roly Poly that will be made ​​in japan singles It would be good for me I will continue to support T ara because I was the diadem
  14. she look fresh better than last day eunjung be number one actrees in the world fighrtiiinggg
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