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  1. Oh My God!Oh My God! When when!?cant wait yeah come Singapore!!wonder when can buy ticket?!DAEBAK!!!T-ara fighting!!
  2. Hope soyeon is ok!rest well recover soon don't think too much of filming!fighting
  3. Is that the side view of jiyeon?hmmm the two new member does really fit huh~~anyway fighting T-ara!
  4. Oh My God! Oh My God! This is so cool!when can we watch it!?cant wait!
  5. Oh My God! Hmmm it's ok at least it's not the new members!will still watch it!go go fighting eunjung!
  6. I don't really care with I am going to get ban I mean seriously it's hard to accept that t-ara with two new members!and somemore 1 with 14 years of gap...seriously what are the company doing....hmmm I prefer the old T-ara with only 7 and hwayoung and jiyeon the maknae!woo go soyeon!good leader daebak!fighting T-ara!
  7. Yeah baby!!i am so going to watch it!jiyeon~~~hmmm hope that she can appear more often...take care Dino!
  8. Oh My God! Dino!!hmmm hope she gets well soon!jiyeon unnie take care!!fighting!
  9. Yeah!!~~jiyeon rocks!!she is the ideal girl of everything!!~especially Wife!~~congratz jiyeonnie!!DAEBAK!
  10. OMG can't wait to watch DH2...jiyeonnie is so pretty and is the pretttiest of all too~~going to watch it because of jiyeon too!!Hwaiting!!Fighting jiyeon unnie~~
  11. Yeah we will forever support T-ara!~~~hope that they will have time to enjoy and rest...Thank you T-ara We all love you!~~FIGHTING!!
  12. Congratz to T-ara!!!WOOT THEY ROCKS MAN~~~cant wait to see their next performance too!!i guess jiyeon is busy filming DH2...hope to see her in the next performance!~~FIGHTING T-ara~~
  13. JIYEONNIE~~~she is totally going to rule the show!!so pretty and and i am totally speechless!!!DAEBAK! love T-ara!!fighting!!Hwaiting for the show!!
  14. I can't wait for Dream High 2 to come out!Jiyeon don't work too hard enjoy your 10days of holiday rest well!!Hwaiting for Dream High 2 with you in it! Love You!T-ara GOGOGO FIGHTING!DAEBAK!
  15. Yeah Its Good news to T-ara and all T-ara Fans!!knowing they get to rest and go for a holiday really made my day!!Rest well T-ara go relax and recover you all deserve it!hope that Jiyeon can get some rest too(with Dream High 2 filming Going on) rest well T-ara enjoy your holiday! We wil be Hwaiting you!Fighting!사랑해요T-ara!
  16. T-ara members all look tired!!!they must have more rest!!hope CCM will give them time to do what they like and rest!Take care T-ara!
  17. Eunjung unnie FIGHTING!!!!!!Member are so strong!!love ya T-ara!!!FIGHTING!!hope all of them can take good care of themselves
  18. i am so glad and happy to see jiyeon unnie recovery!!!T-ara rocks~~~DAEBAK!!!! FIGHTING T-ara LOVE YOU ALL!! hope T-ara will see my post XD
  19. Does anyone has news about jiyeon??if anyone know how is she please help to update..very worry about her condition...Thank you! :D Take care jiyeon!!!
  20. Dun say sorry Jiyeon unnie is not ur fault!!take care of urself!!we love u and dun want u too get sick ok?!!hope that she will get well soon~~was so worried when i saw the news.!!hope that all T-ara members can be healthy and happy always!!happy new year T-ara!!Poor jiyeon rest well! (can't sleep well le hearing this news)
  21. OMG i am so so so attracted to T-ara~~ FALLING in love with them so many many times!!!
  22. Jiyeon unnie!!~~so pretty FIGHTING~~~
  23. SO CUTE~~~they are all so pretty...~~T-ara really make my day shine!
  24. Can't wait can't wait!!!faster come so i can stop to cry cry....can't wait to see the music....hahaha T-ara GOGOGO FIGHTING!!!however must importantly is to be healthy must take care T-ARA!!!
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