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  1. so they didnt have any choreography initially for Cry Cry? sheesh you would have thought there is one with their billion won budget XP haha T-ara fighting!
  2. daebak! they have an all-kill!! that give them recognition for all their hard work =D T-ARA FIGHTING!!
  3. awesomely epic!!! hope they ship them fast too!! wonder why only 4 of them are in the mv...left out soyeon hwayoung boram
  4. why only 15 mins...zzz haha and another 5min+ for the making, daebak!! =)
  5. omg 2 hours of sleep over 4 days?? why so intensive!! but it's quite awesome, the first 15mins!! daebak =D
  6. it looks awesome! they shouuld just make a full length movie =) just a week more to nov 9...ah!!!! can't wait!
  7. ohmygosh jiyeon is so bloodied! and where are the rest? there's only like, 3 of them, eunjung qri and jiyeon....
  8. awesome! talk about unique, T-ara is definitely different from the rest, and this is another reason which sets them apart =)
  9. haha i guess it's hard to know what people would like, the best inventions were created by accident right? so i guess the best songs were also accidents =D
  10. what the hell?? second half of nov!! i feel so cheated... anws all the best for all girl groups!! theres no best or worst group as long as they do their best =)
  11. i can't wait!! omg it looks so epi, nov faster come!! t-ara fighting!!
  12. whoa, they'll be shown in both 2D and 3D? cool ttm! this is so epic, doubt any other group has done this before =D
  13. not a bad change this look it's quite appealing although it's not her usual style, alot more mature =D
  14. music68742

    Qri Twitter!

    cool! reminds me of those japanese anime boys, awesome =D
  15. whoa she looks like a boy straight from japanese anime! awesome, totally cool =D
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