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  1. gomawo... i can see nonna boram, she relly cute ...
  2. LOL Bo peep Bo peep, toilet paper, this song si crazy, LOL and Roly Poly biscuit? yummy biscuit
  3. Boram no photos in there, very annoying, huft but by looking at the photos I'm so happy to come back Eunjung
  4. Hyomin always wearing overalls with pants, Hyomin looks very sexy
  5. Boram looks very calm, or maybe she's tired?
  6. Hyomin like the famous magazine models, and messy hair style makes it look cool
  7. auntumn collection, haha .. they like a model girl with their clothes
  8. Changwuk and Cha Ji Seungwon become part of the video clip T-ara, they are great to attract famous artists
  9. another new concept, cool but to the concept of Ya Ya Ya india is still themed, but still they are beautiful
  10. had reached malaysia news about T-ara, they are indeed very great, no one can match them :lol:
  11. Hyomin so smart, like hyomin innocent concept and in t-ara she so great
  12. Hyomin hair messy but sexy, and he was very visible in thephotograph like a model professional
  13. Soyeon like a beatiful doll, she eyes so be amazing, and what this game in korea?
  14. kak, mau tanya, T-ara show di Indonesianya kapan yh?

    nnti klo udh tau kapan, kita nntn brng blh kak?

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