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  1. So happy because of the jimin moments!! hope to read more fic of them ....im looking forward to the great writers out there!

  2. Hi guys!! a quick update! :)) enjoy reading!! <3 Leave a feedbacks kaay? haha~ http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=20102&view=findpost&p=311497

  3. attention to all jimin shippers please write more jimin fanfics they were only few now mor jimin please dont let our otp fade pleaseeeeeeeeeee

  4. of course I remember you, love you, and you're my friend. you're so lovely reader, really supportive, there's no way to forget about you dear.

    lately I've been distracted by an online game hehe, so I hadn't had time to write. but I promise you that I will write anytime soon.

    love you lots <3

  5. Unnie i miss you so muchhhhhhhhhhhh thank you that you still remember me and even mention me in your comment .......im really thankful that you consider me as your friend and address me as a nice and lovely reader......thank you and i love you unnie that will never change .......please write again i will wait for it pleaseeeeeeee love you...........

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