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  1. LOL Qri, I think all of their kids will be really great and disciplined :DD Perhaps Qri's will be really polite but wild
  2. I actually hope she'll be able to pursue her studies. Even while being a celebrity and all, studies should be important too. I really don't understand why CCM works them so much (i mean, yeah it's money, but how is money so important?) F(x)'s Krystal got into college. KARA's Jiyoung's going to college too. Even SM and DSP can let them go study, why is CCM so :/ ?
  3. Stay Strong Qri! Queens's will be there for you RIP Qri's Grandfather.
  4. I saw this on twitter, I really don't know how to react. What can they confess about? It could only be about the controversy right ):
  5. "CEO Kim Kwangsoo continued to say he didn't originally plan to remove Hwayoung from the group, but it ultimately got to that point." so, when the whole controversy started, he didn't plan to remove Hwayoung from T-ara, but because he didn't give a sh*t and delayed so long, T-ara got into deep sh*t with the netizens, and so he removed Hwayoung? still his fault. sigh.
  6. okay honestly this is getting too far. towards this case, though as shown the victim is Hwayoung, we're just outsiders and as fans/people who suddenly care about t-ara once this thing came up, we do NOT know anything about the truth. so let's see: If Hwayoung was really bullied by the other members Okay so assuming the other members are evil "bitches" like those people claim, I still don't get the whole story. tbh, who insults/bullies with 'fighting!' and '^^' lol. And besides, why would they want to publicize the fact they're bullying? It's the same as wanting to kill someone, and yet you go to the most crowded place of the country and using a loud speaker say "I'M GONNA KILL BLAHBLAHBLAH AT <TIME> AT <PLACE>." Like, just what in the world would they do that? At this point of time, they just came back, and their popularity is high, they are almost at the peak of their career. Why would they want to destroy this moment? Revealing that they bullied at this point of time just does NOT make sense at all. Also I remember from IY that Sunny said that Hyomin was actually introverted and that if you treat her nice she'll treat you nicely. So if she really treats Hwayoung this way, wouldn't there be a reason for it? like her changed dp said, "everything happens for a reason." Same for other members Hwayoung is the one in the wrong So now, assuming that Hwayoung did T-ara wrong. We all know that CCM has 'revealed Hwayoung's dark side'. I personally don't believe it. Maybe Hwayoung might have indeed done something to T-ara, but as for the 'throwing away her crutches and sitting on the floor, threatening to shout at the managers' part, if it was really done by her, wouldn't the fans and reporters have ' D: - ed' and the news would have been circulating all around the internet. Okay so to sum up, I personally think Hwayoung, 6-ara (minus Qri), KKS and the netizens are all at fault. Why Hwayoung? She could have cleared things up, but her tweets just made things worse. Doesn't this show that she doesn't really care for T-ara too.. but then again, maybe she was really hurt, so I guess she is like, pretty much not that much at fault? Unless she was the one who did T-ara wrong. Why 6-ara - Qri? Maybe they shouldn't have expressed their feelings on Twitter. Whatever they were referring to, they shouldn't post anything that might be incorrectly interpreted by people. Yes, what people post on Twitter is their own business, but as idols and with those netizens around, I'm afraid they can't. And they would be at fault if they really bully Hwayoung. Why KKS? Needless to say, KKS has poor planning. He can't handle things well. Taking two days to solve this can cause a lot of damage to T-ara. His sole money maker is able to just die because of this. Really pity T-ara for this. Not gonna elaborate on KKS, he simply sucks I would say. And kicking Hwayoung out then wanting Hwayoung to apologize then come back is just crap. Be it the kicking her out part or wanting her to apologize, even if she was at fault, this would just cause even more harm to T-ara. Okay lastly the netizens, this whole thing is blown out of proportion by them. Maybe nothing would have been wrong if not for them. and they are unreasonable, esp the one saying that hyomin accidentally/purposely hit hwayoung WHEN RIGHT IN THE VIDEO HYOMIN HUGGED HWAYOUNG AND SAID SORRY. and the one of boram breaking the umbrella, hmm interesting. she didn't smash the whole umbrella right... KKS is making like the staff members want Hwayoung to leave but the T-ara members want her to stay. IDK what's true now, everything is just so complicated and confusing. but now we know, his major announcements are always negative. Maybe if T-ara was under another company things would have been better. Or if they debuted with a graduation concept like After School. Nonetheless, as QUEEN'S, though it's kinda tough yet exciting to be one, we should support them. Whatever Hwayoung does, it doesn't change the fact she was from T-ara, and so we should support her in what she does. For the T-ara girls, we should support them too. I believe this might be their hardest time of their career, and they might be really hurt by the antis. Until we know exactly who's at fault, let's not take sides and support them all. Only if proven that <whoever> is at fault should we take sides. Let's just protect our girls.
  7. Honestly, I've tried to accept her but it's kinda not working. Oh but towards this release of DBD, I feel that the lines for Boram and Qri are more important (and they sing it live so well!). But I can't help to think that KKS probably wants to show us he has the power over T-ara or something. I've already accepted Hwayoung of course, but I realized in the song and Don't Leave, Hwayoung and Areum has more lines than those originally in 6-ara. Oh well, but I guess we can't do anything about some things so I'll continue trying to accept the new members. Oh and yeah, like kenzo says, I can't stand how the Areum (and soon, Dani) just get the official fan club so easily. Hwayoung worked since 2010 for it and Boram, Qri, Soyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin and Jiyeon worked for it since 2009. And I don't feel the need for new members. Yes, Areum can sing well and all, but can't 7-ara already do that? From Lovey Dovey, Hyomin has actually showed she can sing so well. Eunjung can sing well too. Just have a better split of lines and you get a better t-ara (vocally). Why add members? If KKS really wants to debut Dani and Areum, why not add them into a new girl group, or put them into the recently-debuted Gang Kiz? I really think what KKS is doing isn't so simple as adding members after all. Nonetheless, T-ara fighting
  8. Dani said recently, "In order to make sure I don't hurt T-ara's popularity or image, I'm practicing more before I join my unnies." HAHAH this is so joke. Some QUEEN'S have already left. And how is a 14 year old supposed you blend into the style of a 3-year-old group which has members who are all 20 and above? Oh and about the 200m thing.. so is Dani's role suppose to be "one who makes people drive back because they can't forget the look for 200m" ? BTW, KKS, you said the new members would help in vocal. May I know how is she going to help in vocal?
  9. let this stay as a rumour! why must keep adding lol
  10. All so pretty in those outfits/costumes haha. Eunjung's missing again ):
  11. really looking forward to this but.. actually i think i'll rather not have so many versions of mv and let them have restt
  12. They sure can act well. I was just watching God Of Study and cry everytime i see Jiyeon (Na Hyun Jung). her role is so sad.
  13. when SNSD was around I hoped they won, sorry T-ara ): but since its already SNSD's goodbye stages this week, i totally hope T-ara will win. Cry Cry is better than Be MY Baby
  14. official fanclub ^^ cant wait for their comeback hahaha (: "close members from other bands" --> sunny?
  15. haha its good that at least the fans go back. but i want an official fanclub!! and wordwide concert ><
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