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  1. I missed about T-ara sub-units news. It's long time since Hyomin come to rural area.
  2. I like watching her in this VS, but she should play at least 2 episode. unfortunately In the last game she cought without chance to escape.
  3. She is beautiful, i must download and watch this MV. Hopefully she will feature a lot of MV in the future.
  4. Jiyeon could kill someone nicely her expression. Hwayoung became strong female soldier or Tomb Rider T ara version.
  5. They are lovely and adorable, hope they could win Japan fans. Boram look more lovely b lifting up her leg.
  6. she is so cool, she learned it from Kim Namgil expression in Queen Seon duk as bidam. I like when she smile in first pict.
  7. I like Jiyeon expression, left picture she used sharp gaze. On the contrary right picture she smile beautifully.
  8. Jiyeon did it to much, but she is strong. Maybe this the reason why she didn't participate in ISAC on September.
  9. It must be nice seeing them cooking together. Boram really looks like maknae in the center.
  10. So Jiyeon didn't participate in this performance. Eunjung keep going...Hwating!!
  11. Jiyeon gained support and even some celebrities become her fans. It'll help her in the future for having more celebrity friends.
  12. Finally i could use those picture as my wallpaper. I like those Bo peep Bo peep Wallpapers.
  13. I like eunjug style, i think she has good taste of fashion. Meanwhile Jiyeon wore casual cloths.
  14. Jiyeon and Hwayoung lift their leg and hyomin bitting made rebel image. Only Boram looks lively and cute expression.
  15. Eunjung and Jiyeon as its model make this game more booming. They wore game characters set uniform.
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