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  1. OMG!!! Gyus, this news makes me teary:) this video was created by me with help of other Russians Queen's who sent pics to me:) i'm soooo happy to see this news~~ hope that girls will see our videos:) we made 2 versions: the first one with happy moments of T-ara and the second with our supportive messages. 1) 2)
  2. i'm so proud of girls~~

  3. Hwayoung said it in Russian^^ OMO! I was soooo surprised! Hwayoungie I love you more and more~~
  4. wow! Eunjung are so professional! hope she will get well soon~~
  5. Jiyeonnie is soooo gorgeous! woah, i really can't wait~~~
  6. "roly poly roly-roly poly..... dance dance dance dance" need time to get used this version^^
  7. i'm kind of glad to hear this news^^ i love all 7 members and it's just enough! kekeke~
  8. yeah~~~ i'm so happy for girls! they really need to rest!
  9. Jiyeon is so sweet and innocent. And I love their couple with IU^^
  10. Boram and Mir couple are sooo cute^^ love both of them~
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