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  1. yahoo!! cant wait for the teaser today...cant wait for their comeback its t-ara time to begin again
  2. eunjung is really beautiful...back days with long hair & sweet face..nowadays with short hair & cute face..that's eunjung
  3. oh my god!! they're back! i'm very happy to see dorky & happy t-ara... t-ara N4 daebakk
  4. big clap for our girls...big smile even though no cheering for them and of course the preciuos moment with snsd.. congrate girls..fighting!!
  5. omg!!! thanks guys...ej's voice daebakk!! soo sweett.. they're very natural together
  6. jump jump jump!! so much excited to hear this news.. they both so cute together
  7. soo cute eunjung ah...hope they'll more success in this year..
  8. haha areum so cute doing her part eunjung seems enjoying this perf good luck girls
  9. thanks for sharing awesome perf from our eunjimin and cute perf from our qri & boram unnies hope b-girl concept for the next cb
  10. wahh!! areum got so many presents..she quite popular here
  11. thanks for sharing ohh eunjung outfit so cute..love love love
  12. thanks for the video..best fancam best performance. t-ara jjangg!!
  13. they're very cute even when sleeping especially eunjung. she sleep like a baby take care girls
  14. they're sooo pretty jiyeon look a bit matured with bang and areum look cute with her big eyes so happy to see them in some event
  15. special part of t-ara on french tv and showed that they're well known there daebak!! they're very happy that time
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