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  1. thanks for sharing HD wallpaper are the best
  2. This is a great news I hope T-ara win many awards, they have to win Music Bank next week T-ara Fighting!!!
  3. yeah T-ara the best, I'm proud of say that I have one of those albums Supporting T-ara from El Salvador
  4. Jiyeon is the only reason that I will have for watch Dream High 2 Jiyeon Fighting!!!!
  5. This Mv is the best T-ara Fihgting!!!!
  6. that was amazing, we need the second part and subs for this <3333
  7. finally this gonna be amazing!!! since I saw the first pics I really wanted T-ara comeback
  8. I really love Soyeon noona <3

  9. =O this was the best notice yesterday when I read it, I was waiting this since T-ara made their debut in Japan. I knew that they can be the N
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