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  1. i'm glad they still keep in touch! jiwon is super pretty and i kind of wish she didn't leave but as long as she's happy :')
  2. omg i want jiyeons sweater!! although it probably looks a baijllion times better on her than it would on me
  3. lmao "with friends" i was expected it to be with school friends or something but this is cute too ^____^
  4. pooooor eunjung she must be exhausted from filming and practicing and everything :'(
  5. eunjung is seriously stunning in this drama even though shes supposed to be a wicked character.
  6. /weeps i miss this drama like crazy i wish it had gone on forever
  7. jiyeon in the first pic!!! want want want her sweater i swear if i was about to buy stuff for their site, i'd be totally broke.
  8. woah this surprised me she looks so different! i love her hair dark much better than this blonde and full on makeup. i think in eunjung's case, natural is der sexier.
  9. wahh shes super cute!! i love how petit sized boram is i just wanna keep her in my pocket
  10. aw shes so cute! i love her hair long and wavy like that but her gray shorts are super awk lmao
  11. lmao the tears but srsly how does she looks so cute even when shes sleeping?? i always look like a hideous monster ><
  12. LOL the first picture is just too precious aw soyeons airport fashion is just so great.
  13. aw i love qri's pictures i desperately want her bag omg *____*
  14. aw ngl they're really cute together i love how their clothes matches with their characters ^___^
  15. superrr cute. i wonder if they all hang out together! i wish i could hang out with them too heh so so cute
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