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  1. I hope this is the truth from KKC after all the xxxx he has said. Hope he doesnt ruin a teens future just because of one stupid mistake
  2. True fans will always believe in the girls no matter what the media says. This is a test for to seperate the true fans and those two faced ********
  3. Glad that there are still people out there who would speak up for t-ara. SALUTE!
  4. The author of this article has just spoken my mind. People will definetly think what they want about the incident. The media will always be the media posting rubbish just to get more revenue
  5. I think she should just rest now and wait for the controversy to be over before she starts her career again!
  6. She gives off a different feel with those clothes on. Has a very special charisma. Looking as pretty as always!
  7. I hope she doesn't get tired out because of her schedule but I'm happy to hear that I'll be able to see more of Eunjung in dramas!
  8. Haha. All of them look ok except for Eunjung. The tie doesn't suit her at all!
  9. OMG. Cha seung won. This is gonna be the best MV of all time. Tiara fighting!
  10. Congrats T-ara! Your hardwork finally reaped its sow. So proud of T-ara!
  11. Thanks for sharing! Eunjung look absolutely stunning in the first picture. Jiyeon is also looking pretty as usual.
  12. OMG. She looks so pretty in those images. Really wish she would appear in more magazines.
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