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    Korean movies, drama, music, food, the lovely ladies xD

    i like to collect toys such as saint seiya, art of war berserk,, dragon ball and certain figures that capture my eyes.

    I cook for a living so yeah I like to cook.

    Really into horror/ghost/supernatural stuff. at least reading or watching movies about them.

    all time fav color is white. i use to wear a lot of black and white or straight white or black color clothing haha..now i try to have a little more color with blue and others...

    most of the time i stay home. work is tiring and im lazy =D..making and meeting new friends are always great ^_^

    if i could go back in time. I would like to meet Zhao Zilong of the three kingdoms period.

    feel free to call me *Myron* which is my real name or *MK* or *Zi* which was the nickname for a game I used to play called Ragnarok. My guildmates called me Zi short for Zilong.
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  1. never fails to put a smile on my face. i was just feeling sleepy too
  2. a picture is a picture, and acting is acting, but that last one broke my heart. definitely a good actress. jiyeon ah~
  3. the punch dance reminds me of kungfu lol...its like a great workout exercise dance xD....i wonder what was jiyeon and sunhwa smiling to each other about xD
  4. no matter what. its good to get it off their chest.
  5. i'm a bit confused when I read about the limited quantity from other sites. they say that you take a photo of the autographed copy for an addition prize? so is the autographed albums randomly mixed with the 40k or do we have to buy a regular copy and then hope for a chance to win an autographed album?
  6. i wonder if the invoice from an email works...thats certification isn't it? hopefully international fans get a chance to win i'll take a proof shot with my face, invoice, and with the copy whenever that arrives...must win! or try....
  7. @5.26 jiyeon put her finger on her lips to tell the fans to quiet down for Areum to speak and the it went silent. love it lol...
  8. she's getting prettier....hope she had a great birthday
  9. mmM Areum's getting prettier xD.....loved the fly scene with soyeon. *digusted look* blows it away* death by styrofoam/rock heart*
  10. my reaction was just wow to the picture.....your comments made me, "lol"...
  11. not exactly my style, but jiyeon usually makes everything for work me lol,,,,those eyes though...whoooooo
  12. i just purchased the app cause I couldn't wait for the english version. so using my beginners korean kind of works with a lot of help from the web lol. i can only say i'm dying of cuteness from jiyeon's voice :D :D
  13. I'm a optimistic kind of person believing in giving the benefit of the doubt and many chances to people. If anything being optimistic for me is like having hope. At the same time you have to be realistic because you're living in it. Things happen good or bad and you just have to learn from it and whether you use what you learned is up to you. I met a anti t-ara fan last night in my korean class for beginners. We didn't start going down each others throat, but we just laughed most of the time and joked around with each other. I wouldn't want to go to jail either for beating on a minor and the person was a girl lol. I started kpop during S.E.S and baby vox days. that means i'm old lol. whether they were popular to the world wasn't important because I just liked them that much. I was supporting them till they ended and still cherish, talk about them proudly when asked how i got into kpop, and occasionally listen to their music still. I really hope t-ara can hold on and someday disband as a group I'll always love and continue to support just like I do with S.E.S who started it all for me. Respecting what others say and think doesn't mean you have to like it. You can share your thoughts and views, but everyone has a right to their own. silence is golden sometimes. p.s. are we going to do a support project for the new subunit?
  14. dance similar to roly poly? can't wait. loved every bit about roly poly, the dance moves really blew me away
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