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  1. never fails to put a smile on my face. i was just feeling sleepy too
  2. a picture is a picture, and acting is acting, but that last one broke my heart. definitely a good actress. jiyeon ah~
  3. the punch dance reminds me of kungfu lol...its like a great workout exercise dance xD....i wonder what was jiyeon and sunhwa smiling to each other about xD
  4. no matter what. its good to get it off their chest.
  5. i'm a bit confused when I read about the limited quantity from other sites. they say that you take a photo of the autographed copy for an addition prize? so is the autographed albums randomly mixed with the 40k or do we have to buy a regular copy and then hope for a chance to win an autographed album?
  6. i wonder if the invoice from an email works...thats certification isn't it? hopefully international fans get a chance to win i'll take a proof shot with my face, invoice, and with the copy whenever that arrives...must win! or try....
  7. @5.26 jiyeon put her finger on her lips to tell the fans to quiet down for Areum to speak and the it went silent. love it lol...
  8. she's getting prettier....hope she had a great birthday
  9. mmM Areum's getting prettier xD.....loved the fly scene with soyeon. *digusted look* blows it away* death by styrofoam/rock heart*
  10. my reaction was just wow to the picture.....your comments made me, "lol"...
  11. not exactly my style, but jiyeon usually makes everything for work me lol,,,,those eyes though...whoooooo
  12. i just purchased the app cause I couldn't wait for the english version. so using my beginners korean kind of works with a lot of help from the web lol. i can only say i'm dying of cuteness from jiyeon's voice :D :D
  13. I'm a optimistic kind of person believing in giving the benefit of the doubt and many chances to people. If anything being optimistic for me is like having hope. At the same time you have to be realistic because you're living in it. Things happen good or bad and you just have to learn from it and whether you use what you learned is up to you. I met a anti t-ara fan last night in my korean class for beginners. We didn't start going down each others throat, but we just laughed most of the time and joked around with each other. I wouldn't want to go to jail either for beating on a minor and the person was a girl lol. I started kpop during S.E.S and baby vox days. that means i'm old lol. whether they were popular to the world wasn't important because I just liked them that much. I was supporting them till they ended and still cherish, talk about them proudly when asked how i got into kpop, and occasionally listen to their music still. I really hope t-ara can hold on and someday disband as a group I'll always love and continue to support just like I do with S.E.S who started it all for me. Respecting what others say and think doesn't mean you have to like it. You can share your thoughts and views, but everyone has a right to their own. silence is golden sometimes. p.s. are we going to do a support project for the new subunit?
  14. dance similar to roly poly? can't wait. loved every bit about roly poly, the dance moves really blew me away
  15. I had a blast watching their promo videos for bunny style. i haven't had such a big smile on my face for awhile, but watching them daily really cheered me up. everyone has their own thought and its fine. learn from one another and it's up to you whether you want to use what you learned. it's good to be optimistic and real as well. no one is really alone here i would think. we're all on diadem forums for the same reason right? now i wish i knew what else i can do with my queens membership card since i live in the US lol.
  16. i can't wait to see what the packaging would look like for each one
  17. I found this article just stupid when I first read about it on AKP. I think its normal for friends to give each other nicknames, but I guess anything to do with t-ara will go up in flames. it sure fanned my flames >_>
  18. congratz t-ara!! will never stop loving you! can't wait for more good new!
  19. Iris 2 just got better if a t-ara member was to cast in it, but in all honesty. I really want to just watch iris2. i really enjoyed the first one and was shocked when i watched the iris movie to find out who killed lee byung hun. For who would get the role.. I would love to watch jiyeon all day long. I've enjoyed watching hyomin/eunjung in their dramas and movies. I've seen qri in a drama as well, but I'd like to see how good soyeon's acting would be. lets hope for the best right
  20. santa. whether i've been good or bad. can you make my wish come true and send me to japan to see t-ara just once in person!! pleaseeee.....and also if its not too much to let me follow them for the end of the year music programs in korea too XD.... t-ara fighting. i hope santa will give you girls a true dream vacation without any work at all. Only fun and plenty of time to relax. eat plenty of yummy food while in japan!! merry christmas!!
  21. although i quit drinking not long after i turned 21 which was a long time ago. I would probably start drinking again to support their brand. so personally its a good thing they didn't take the deal. as a loyal fan. i enjoy seeing articles with the name T-ara or any of the members name as the topic. I honestly don't mind what they do cause a job is a job. you don't always get to choose what you can or can't do. I just hope whatever they are doing is legit and is not harming anyone or themselves. sure alcohol might not be good for you, but everyone has a choice. I know people who drink like fish, some who love the taste, some who hate it, and some who just drink on special occasions. i have to admit I dislike their turn down offer articles. mainly because I don't want to give people an excuse to run their mouths. although many stars and idols have articles regarding them turning down offers. the girls have yet to be in the clear. avoiding to read what people comment is easy, but knowing that its going to happen doesn't make it any better. i wonder if they are going to have an article and video of them wishing us a merry christmas or have they done that already? happy holidays everyone ;
  22. do what you gotta do. just try to not stress yourself so much.
  23. woot woot!!! happy news!! always glad to see more support for t-ara
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