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  1. Lucky that guy make tatto in Eunjung chest >.<
  2. I think they'll comeback for July, August, and October in 3 songs, Remember they promoting Bopeep-Bopeep, Like the first time, adn TTL in one year, keep your health T-ara's !!!
  3. waaw, happy to see them in that outfit~ and Boram alawys in middle Love Them
  4. Qri super long hair and so blonde~ loved it and Eunjung, keep your hair long~~ i really miss your 'lies' era hairstyle
  5. i bet their will pass 1 million copies until end year, T-ara fighting !! please make a asian tour too
  6. lol, this is why Eunjung hair looks so weird hahahaha. Anyway good CF
  7. i see them in this cf without makeup, They so beautiful ~! and poor, no Soyeon
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