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  1. Wow. Comes back here after a long time with so much notif. But I dint get any email notifications at all? Weirdness.

  2. Sorry guys, I lost my touch on fics.. That's why it's dead.. ;~; I cant write anything bcs smthings happen in my life so yeah.. stress. Bear wif me.

  3. "What do you guys accomplish in just one minute?" good question... even in a day its hard to accomplish something.
  4. On hiats because of Gayo Daejuns.. sry readers.

  5. I have and EUnMinYeon fanfic going on and suddenly BAM! EunYeon in Beijing 'enjoying' moments. How to balance my EunJiMin feelings now?!! -cries-

  6. "Towards the 2nd house" and "in this" ?? whatever those means..
  7. The moment I see this picture, I am reminded of an anime called Sugar Sugar Rune.. LOL .. the one on the right is Chocolat and the one on the left is Vanilla..
  8. This movie will be epic.. Will be even epic because of Hyomin, so, LETS GET THIS MOVIE OUT AND FULLY SUBBED! xD
  9. SOON THERE WILL BE NO COMMUNICATION BARRIER ANYMORE.. WHY? COZ ENGLISH IS INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE! ASSA~ I feel so proud of them and even prouder to be one of the loyal Queen's that still here after the storm.
  10. That's right. A Queen's destiny is only one thing "When bad things happens, good things follows. And vice versa." See how many obstacles they've tripped and hurt, but now their getting stronger. Not just them, our fandom as well. More real Queen's floated from the ocean and united as one. Just for T-ara.
  11. Now to Mongolia?! T-ara really is touring every state of the world STARTING THIS YEAR!
  12. Not only strong and ever-changing concepts yo.. their positive influence to teens as well.. T-ara and CCM promised that. Yes, i dont trust if CCM the one to promise but our Queens promise as well they will not do 'such a thing'.. So even if there is another version, a T-ara version I assume.. I dont think CCM will smash his own money-cow's good images. (at least I hope he wont film them like the dang first teaser! >< Is enough having T-ara chasing each other around the beach like kids.. XD)
  13. Can i say "as expected of CCM"?? Using T-ara name in titles, MV .. etc, but the actual MV dun show any T-ara AND worst of all, in the songs T-ara might just get 10% of lines..
  14. Is T-ara now on holiday after a long while? I hope so...
  15. *jaw dropped* DAMNIT! SOOO GETTING TREASURE BOX!! T-ara pirates are all killerz! KILLERZ!
  16. Either they watch too much horror movies or they think their world is Shaman King world where a shaman able to perform spirit posession and help other spirits to crossover.. Such crap. Its the funniest and most ridiculous rumour I've ever heard frm them.
  17. Now I'm wondering where is Jiyeon..lol Goodie luck in Japan 6-Ara. ^^v
  18. wow... I knew hyomin has been a Sunny's fangirl since Invincible Youth but this is FANTASTIC BABY!! XD Wonder if there will be any backstage photos of the two groups.. (whoever went with Hyomin) XD
  19. WHut?! she got a proposal or something? keke... nah, can't be right?
  20. There is something that even a 5 yr old kid have that KKS don't. COMMON SENSE! It was a wrong idea to suddenly put Hwayoung in when the rest are doing so well. I surely pray hard that Areum can adapt to them. (From the scenes I observed, seems she really had fit-in well with them ^^) ANTI can temporarily get their teeth of T-ara's tails.. They have tackled everything, truth is told sincerely. I pronounce, ANTI vs T-ara = temporary fullstop. (I used temporary cs i know those antis will surely find something else to go against T-ara. But we Queen's will have a troop of amazing army to defend them!
  21. Boy am I f*king glad that finally truth is told... Zzzz though I get teary reading trans from different places but it's worth it. In d video I see the sincerity in their eyes when they told about it. so ANTI's, FULLSTOP NOW and LEAVE 'EM ALONE!!
  22. Eunjung -pretty Jiyeon -cute Hyomin -Sexy Areum-......*blank* LOL.. and the crowd cheer.. T^T long time nt dat loud ad... ^^b
  23. you gotta admit the best scene is the one in that gif.. XD saying "Mind your own business" with a smile. Tsk. EPIC!
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