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  1. <3 adn Eunjung's muscle is no joke..XD AHHH!!!! Jealous of Thai QUeen's who sang birthday song to Hyomin and Jiyeon!!! xD Well Done!!
  2. hahaha.. u kidding me? Ofcourse she look innocent.. u wont expect a 14 yr old girl to look damn mature or over exposingright? Andplease,14 yr olds loved ice -cream.. this news is no news!!! But had to admit she look good in simple T...
  3. [12.06.01] Jiyeon's dad pays a visit at Wildroses fan signing This is so sweet... ^^
  4. Well,this picture looks better than the one released the other day..xD Anyway she reminds me of Krystal.. ok, she 'kinda' got my approvement in T-ara.. well, since she didnt challenge T-ara like Gang Kiz does plus she knows what she must do.. about original members leaving the group by force or will, Please dont even think about it. I'd rather them promoting as 8 or 9 rather then original members leaving the team.. They are a strong team. Just imagine a concrete building with no windows. Perhaps the newbies are the two new extra windows.. ^^
  5. Green concert, park concert, water concert...what else? XD oh and at the last fancam looks like Jiyeon having mic problem...
  6. why do i feel dat day by day MAY real sexy than IGCBOY... O.O just a feeling.. XD ah!! cant wait for their comeback!!
  7. CCM U TROLL!!! I feel like stabbing him now and freakingly change the CEO of the company.. =.=zzzz 7-ara is already perfect and now gonna be 8 and 9? next wad, 10? 11?12? YAH CCM!! I dun really mind if Jiyeon not the maknae BUT can u freakingly make ANOTHER group for the additional? 7 IS ENOUGH!!!
  8. when it comes to food, T-ara wont resist which resulting the food too spicy and ran to get some water..xD
  9. Okay seems like they don't even have time to rest before Dream Concert. Their shirt is the same. Not to mention they looked exhausted so probably the only time they rest is in the car when the car is on the way to Dream COncert venue... CCM, they are immune to schedules doesn't mean they aren't human... Yet when they PUBLICALLY ask for break, the next moment accuse them for something else and threaten them... such an 'awesome' (sarcastically) CEO..=__=
  10. is english sub available? will it be available? Isure hope there's english sub.. i believe the subbers will do right?
  11. wow... one awesome 'race'...xD Lovey Dovey shuffled to the finish line!!! XD
  12. "my heart~" "rescue me~~" Lovey Dovey Jap. version.. sounds a bit weird bt still addictive..

  13. One thing I'm glad abt the Japanese version of Lovey Dovey MV is they din take from the original MV and js freaking replace wif Japanese tunes... phew~ Same goes for Boram.. well, atleast in the MV each of them has EQUAL screentime more or less... but still ... normal problem still existed: Lines~ Agree ryt? "chotto Lovey Dovey", "My heart" , "Rescue Me" ehehe.. yea, sort of addicted already.. oh boy.. SOyeon's killer wink, Eunjung's aegyo+wink, Jiyeon's smile and gesture, Hwayoung's "gangster" ofcourse for the win!! xD
  14. THIs is what i wished to get!!! oh well.. no luck... damn the pictures are so HD!!!
  15. happy birthday to 2nd maknae Hwayoungie~

  16. wow.. Hip Hop Hwayoungie...Me likey...xD I want the cap!!! ANd the others is so hot...woots!!
  17. Poor EUnjungie...x.x is the robbers that desperate for money... T^T that is a HUGE amount there.. worst of all, it's the only money the staff had to live in 9 days in a foreign country..x.x
  18. Day one.. few second of T-ara in both parts... Day 2, more of T-ara (is THE BEST) but er.. isnt they suppose to be VACATION in Europe instead of WORKING O_O Eunjung with the camera seems like a pro ..xD Jiyeon too.. "CUT! Ok!" lol... xD
  19. From what i see, Hwayoung and Jiyeon remains as our dearest maknae. YAY!! and only Soyeon will share lines with the 2. YAY!! since the others barely gets any lines... huhu.. WIth that number, back-up dancers is not needed at all even if they sing roly poly in 9 members-system. Save money, emphasize on vocals. Yeah right. We'll see about that. See if the two can prove to us in July how good they are.
  20. KKS freakingly has a loose screw in his head. If he dare to replace any original members, I swear I'm gonna kick his ARSS hard!!!! He just said "if any members did any harm to other members, they'll replace thatmember." hello, din he heard of the word 'SABOTAJ" before? what if the new member sabotaj the original member dat she doesnt like? KKS will js replace dat original member without investigating? KISS MY ARS!!! We'll no longer see happy T-ara anymore since they are all competing against each other to 'win' lines and to stay in this 'KKS forest'.. DAMN U KKS!!!!
  21. How to act like a father when there is only few seconds left?XD Lady Gaga? Wonder what Boram would do...xD My fav.part of all, EunJi.. xD Jiyeon 'dances' but instead of guessing the gesture, Eunjung guessed who always goes crazy in the dorm (mayb?)
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