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  1. Jiyeon to be in Dream High 2!!! YAYS!!!

  2. I hope the Jiyeon isnt replacing Eunjung. I'd love to see them two act together in a drama and i hope that drama is DREAM HIGH2. *prays* Just when i started writing a fic of my own version of Dream High, now i see this.. YAYS!!!
  3. I swear i will DIE waiting... Just when i thought the MV ended just like that now a 2nd teaser on the run?? CCM U JJANG!!! If added both video length together is near one hour if the 2nd MV is also 17minutes++... If i recall correctly, i think 2nd MV is when Jiyeon make friends with Eunjung. (that's wad i saw at the ending of the 1st MV)
  4. it'd be nice if they really used Diadem as the official fanclub name... ^^ i really liked the name Diadem..
  5. been starting to watch Dream High. n liking Eunjung, Suzy n IU.. lol

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