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  1. Oh myyyyyyy! why she's sooooo beautiful! Goddess Eunjung~^^ Fighting!
  2. i wish they wont cut the song! i love the listen to the whole version of the song!
  3. they only entered the wrestling competition? i thought they enter the relay too.
  4. i saw someone tweet what if Rain meet jiyeon backstage, he must be suprise to see someone who really looks like KTH. hehehehe
  5. T-ARA and LUHAN! oh mai gadddddddd. i wish there would be T-ARA-Luhan moments! kikikiki
  6. ahhhh! i missed this time. I should had went to the airport at that time i wish i could see them in real person!
  7. cant wait for T-ARA to make their ASIA TOUR after china tour, so that they can come to Malaysiaaaaa~^^
  8. i wish i could be the lucky fans to receive their autograph! ahhhhhhh~^^
  9. thanks diadem team for always helping onternational fans getting nearer to T-ARA! ^^
  10. i think G-friend also like T-ara sunbaenim hehe i wish i could see their interaction one dayyyy~^^
  11. they'll do great wherever they are! T-ARA will stay last forever. even one day, they'll stay in Queens heart!
  12. waohhhh~ her perfect body line! Daebak! Hyomin fighting~^^
  13. why i cannot pick up the rilakuma's head! Help me please~
  14. EunNad

    Subway (8)

    i know they will keep their promise!! t-ara deabak!!
  15. don't worry,,you girls gonna win for #1!! i'm really sure about it,, bcoz u r my the best! T-ara fighting!! ^^
  16. hye there,,^^ are your bias is soyeon??

  17. She's said on her letter that her character gonna be a little bit hateful,, i'm also still curious about it,,
  18. waaaaaa~ so sweeeetttt,,,especially soyeon's letter!! she's counting all the playcard and take the attandance,,^^ i loooovveeeee you to,,
  19. wahhh,,,i'm happy to hear this,, for me,,"7 is enough~"
  20. haha,,,comel la awak ni,,,:) so awak ska eunjung la ni,,,^^ i used to like her bfore,,tp ntah nape,,tbe2 berubah pd soyeon,,hehe..:)

  21. hehe,,,my bias is soyeon,,but i think i like jiyeon too,,:) nyway who's ur bias??

  22. u r female??? i thought that u r a boy,,:P hehe,,ur nme r a little bit boyish,,^^

  23. hye there,,,i'm from malaysia too,:)

  24. hye there,,so you are azuki sone ryte?? hehe

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